American Elections

With a global pandemic, a growing uproar against racism and police brutality, and a US president who has been infected with a potentially deadly virus (or has he?) - the American Elections on the 3rd of November are in many ways unprecedented. Will the outcome of the elections actually change the world, and if so, for better or for worse?

Let's find out during the first Erasmus Alumni Lecture! In this topical and engaging online lecture, inspiring EUR alumni will discuss a relevant topic. In this edition, the American Elections will be discussed.

Alumna of the Erasmus School for Social and Behavioural Sciences and New York based US correspondent for one of the largest Dutch newspapers, AD. Karlijn will discuss the “best practices” of 4 years Trump. Has Trump been successful? Has Trump lived up to the expectations? What will the consequences of the economic recession due to COVID be for Trump with regards to the possibilities of being re-elected?


Erasmus Alumni Lecture: Karlijn van Houwelingen

Ody graduated from the Erasmus School of Law in 2003 and is currently responsible for Public Affairs at WOMEN INC. Ody is also the author of the (yet to be released) children’s book “My mother is Prime-Minister”.

In her lecture, Ody will speak about the possibility that the United States of America will get their first female Vice-President if Joe Biden gets elected and about why so very few people believe that women could successfully fulfill the position of (vice-) president of the United States.


Erasmus Alumni Lecture: Ody Neisingh

Mark has a masters degree in Business Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam and is now Futurist, Trendwatcher, Professional Speaker and Founder of freshmark.

In his lecture, Mark will share his vision on the profile of future American Presidents. Will Kanye West ever be President of the United States of America? What is in store for us in the years to come? How crazy can it get and what role does the media play in this.


Erasmus Alumni Lecture: Mark Schipper

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