The future after a Pandemic

During the current pandemic, it feels natural to focus on the challenges that we face today. We must not forget, however, that there is life after COVID-19. What will the future look like, and how can we influence our own future for the better?

We are happy to invite you to discuss these topics with us during the Erasmus Alumni Lecture: The Future after a Pandemic. In these challenging and gloomy times we will discuss a more optimistic and hopeful vision of the future, together with our guest speakers.

Professor dr. Mary Pieterse-Bloem, endowed Professor in Financial Markets at Erasmus School of Economics, will tell us how can Finance help to make our Economy future-proof. The economy after the corona vaccine: how Europe can financially innovate itself out of the crisis.


erasmus alumni lecture future pandemic mary pieterse bloem

Arne van Vliet, has a masters degree in Sociology of Arts and Culture from Erasmus University Rotterdam and is the founder & director of BECCA Europe. Arne will share his vision with us on how we can help the cultural sector survive. What can be done to prevent the cultural sector from slowly vanishing due to pandemics and other threats? How do initiatives like “Houd Cultuur Levend” from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, and other similar initiatives contribute to keeping our cultural heritage alive?


erasmus alumni lecture future pandemic arne van vliet

Margo van Mol, postdoctoral researcher at Erasmus MC, will take us along into the world of the healthcare workers. She will present outcomes from her recent research on the wellbeing of our healthcare workers, and she will answer questions like: (How) Will our healthcare workers be able to face another pandemic? What will we do differently to protect our healthcare workers in work- and mental load? How are the healthcare workers supported and looked after (mentally), and is this enough? What needs to be done to keep healthcare workers satisfied and happy with their jobs?


erasmus alumni lecture future pandemic margo van mol

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