Spanish intake

If you plan to register for a non-beginners Spanish language course, you will first need to do an intake to determine your level.

What to expect?

A Spanish intake consists of a short, oral test (conversation with a teacher). After the test, we will send you an email telling you for which course you can enrol.

PLEASE NOTE: the result of an intake is a course placement advice for a non-beginners language course. An intake is not the same as an assessment (which is a more extensive test). You do not get a level statement or certificate indicating your level according to the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). If you need such a statement, you need to do a Spanish language assessment.

For whom?

Do you already have some knowledge of the Spanish language and would you like to participate in a language course? Do you not exactly know what your level is or how to prove it?
Please sign up for an intake.

You do not need to do an intake if:

  • You wish to register for a beginner’s course;
  • You are currently enrolled in a LTC course and you wish to register for the following level;
  • You have previously done an intake test or language assessment (less than a year ago);
  • You have an official statement from the LTC (not older than one year) naming the
    appropriate starting level.

An intake is compulsory in all other cases. The language trainer who conducts your intake will determine which course level (based on the Common European Framework of Reference)
you can register for. You are not permitted to register for a course at a lower or higher level than your intake results indicate. A Spanish intake is free of charge and is valid for a period of one year. After all, your language proficiency might have improved or deteriorated.

When are the Spanish intakes?

The LTC organises Spanish intakes on definite dates, three times a year. The exact dates are published per period, but good to know is that the intakes take place in September, November
and March of each year. The next online intake Spanish will take place on: 


Enrolment deadline

Monday 23 November 2020
several time slots available (online)

Tuesday 18 November 2020

You can register for a Spanish intake through the schedule and select one of the available time slots. Please note that the schedule is only visible during the period in which you are able to register.