Minors for students other universities

Application procedure

New to the EUR? To register for an EUR minor, you need to create an account in Osiris Aanmeld. You can continue in Osiris Aanmeld to register your minor preference. After starting the application, an ERNA account and a EUR student email will be created. A confirmation of your application will be sent to your EUR student email. You can login to your student mail using your ERNA account.

Studied at EUR before? Please contact us through ASK Erasmus (see button bottom page). You cannot apply through Osiris Aanmeld. In your message, include:

  • the minor for which you'd like to apply,
  • your name and - if possible - your student number at EUR.

Further application requirements

  • check our admission matrix for external students to see if the minor of your choice is open to external students (no exceptions possible).
  • it is not possible to apply for more than one minor.
  • you need to upload a scan of the permission statement of own exam committee.

If your application does not meet the requirements above, it will not be processed.

Please note that an application does not guarantee placement. Mid July you will be informed by email if you have been placed in the minor of your choice. Please do not contact us before about the outcome, as we cannot provide the outcome sooner. The placement decision is final and cannot be contested. It is not possible to complete more than one minor at the EUR. To take a minor at the EUR, you need to be registered as a tuition-paying Bachelor student at another Dutch institution for higher education. If placed, you'll need to send us a Proof of Tuition Payment issued by your own institution prior to the start of the minor. Lastly, the number of places for external students is limited. We advise you to have an alternative at your own institution.