Deadlines and application procedures

Before you apply make sure to check:

- if you meet  the admission requirements
- if the deadline for admission has not passed

  • Use Studielink to apply for a bachelor programme with a Dutch previous education. You need to follow a number of steps:

    Visit Studielink and log in. If you officially live in the Netherlands (you are registered in a Dutch municipality) you are required to use DigiD to log in to Studielink. If you do not, or do not yet, live in the Netherlands, then you cannot use DigiD and you are required to log in with a Studielink username and password. Step by step plans are available on the Studielink website.

    Using Studielink for the first time? Please fill out your personal details. Erasmus University will verify your personal details. In case we are not able to, we will ask you to upload a scanned copy of your passport in PDF.

    Did you use Studielink before? Please check your personal details and  change your mail address in case this is necessary. The Studielink Q&A offers instructions on how to change this.

    Fill out your previous education. You only need to fill out the previous education(s) that provide entry to the study programme you wish to take. Please follow the instructions of this website in case you have an international previous education. 

    After you have filled out your personal details and previous education,  submit an enrolment application via Studielink. Here you state which study programme you wish to take. 

    After we have received your application via Studielink, you will receive an email from Erasmus University mentioning your student number within two working days.

    Please note: in case you do NOT receive this email from EUR after submitting your application:

  • After we have received your enrolment application via Studielink, you will receive a message from Erasmus University via the email address you have filled out in Studielink with your ERNA login details. This will give you access to the systems of the EUR.

    You will also receive an email with a personal link and instructions on how to upload your picture for your student card.

    If you did not receive these emails, please contact us.

    Are you a former student of EUR? In that case we will not send you this emails.

  • The study programme decides on your admission. Make sure to follow the admission and application procedure of each study programme you apply for.

  • After the decision about your admission has been processed, you will receive an email via Studielink as of  June about your tuition. Pay by digital authorization via studielink in case you have a bank account from a country in the SEPA area. Follow the instructions available in Studielink.

  • You are NOT enrolled in case your status in Studielink has not changed from 'Application Submitted' to ''Enrolled".

    Enrolment  should be completed before 31 August. Check your status in Studielink or Osiris student regularly as well as the detail page of your enrolment application in Studielink and keep watch for any announcements of EUR.

    For questions on why you are not yet enrolled, please contact Erasmus Student Service Centre in time.

  • You are enrolled once your status in Studielink is changed from 'Application submitted' to ''Enrolled''.

    After your status has changed into 'Enrolled' you will have access to your digital student card and statement of registration in Osiris Student.

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