The student psychologist, careers advisors and  student counsellors offer a wide range of workshops. Below you will find an overview of the workshops for academic year 2022/2023.

EUR-alumni have access to the workshops of the careers advisors until one year after graduation. They can enrol themselves through the website of the careers advisors.

Application letter & CV

The workshop is about  how to apply for a job. You have to "sell" yourself, but how do you do that? In this workshop you'll get a close look at that. For example your CV is not just a list of all your activities.

Effective job search strategies

In this informative workshop you will get insight in the hidden job market and how to get access to it. You will learn about various strategies and techniques that are important within the job market.

Job interview preparation

This workshop is intended for those who want to be able to conduct an effective job interview and make a great impression. Preparation is key! We'll discuss  important steps you need to take and give insight in the Dutch business culture.


Come to the workshop and give yourself three hours to explore whether you’ve chosen the right programme or whether you should choose a new study (bachelor/master).

Stress management

Do you feel overwhelmed by stress? Do you have trouble concentrating while studying or taking tests? Then the Stress Management Group might be the thing for you!

Transferable skills

The labor market and the workplace changes rapidly. Next to keeping up to date with your professional knowledge, it is also important to keep your skills future proof.

Overcoming study challenges with effective study strategies

This workshop is open to all students who face challenges when studying and who could benefit from learning effective study skills.

Dealing with your internal dialogue

This workshop is intended for all students who are hindered in their learning process by a negative internal dialogue that takes place continuously in their head.

Thesis group

Are you well on your way with your thesis, but just cannot seem to finish it? For help with the process of writing your thesis you can enroll in the thesis group.


Do you notice that you worry a lot about things and feel stressed, sad or anxious? Then you can participate in the Mindfulness training.

LinkedIn, basics & advanced

Did you know that an increasing number of companies first use LinkedIn to recruit new employees, before they actually post their vacancy? Learn how to attract the attention of potential employers with your digital resume, and create a LinkedIn profile.


The aim of this workshop is to help you gain more insight in what networking is and how you can use it effectively during your job search. During the workshop we will give you the opportunity to provide your own input.

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