When you’ve done all the tests and gone through the exercises, you’ll have more insight into:

-          choice factors that are important for you
-          your personality/your pitfalls
-          your interests
-          interesting sectors and programmes
-          your learning style(s)
-          what type of person you are and what career suits you
-          your work values

You’re now almost at the point of making a final choice. Check once more that all the information you’ve collected matches the impression you made for yourself. If you still have any doubts, you can go back to the exploration and deepen understanding phases.

In order to reach a final decision, use the assignments below to compare the programmes that you now have on your list.

  • It can be difficult to make a choice. Programmes can look very similar sometimes. How do you make the right decision? By downloading the assignments below, we'll help you to organize your thoughts.

  • The goal of producing an action plan including time planning is to take steps so that you can make a final choice. Decide for yourself what you need now to make your final choice. What are you still missing? You can download our action plan below. 

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and Choice of Study Test

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