In this phase, you’ll take a more focused look at the programmes you find interesting and about which you would like to know more. You’ll collect further information about yourself as well as information about the programmes that appeal to you. You’ll make a list of the programmes or sectors that interest you.

  • With the orientation step you have had to think about who you are and where your talents lie. If all goes well you have already gotten a bit of a picture of who you are and what you like. Now it is important to investigate within which programs and / or sectors these strengths and interests are best expressed.

    • What do you consider important for your work later? To find out, take the online work value test.
    • What is your learning style? To find out, take the online learning style test.
    • If you’re still finding it difficult to locate all the concrete studies that appeal to you, do the Icares Smart search test.
  • Now that you know who you are, what you are good at and what values ​​you find important at work, you can start investigating which industry suits you. The following tests can help you discovering within which sector you would like to work: 

  • Perhaps as a result of the previous assignment you have a list of different sectors that you are interested in. To get a clear view of every sector, it can be interesting to visit a couple of Open Days. That way you can get a picture of the different professions and specialists who are connected to your industry of interest. Maybe you can visit of one these:

    • Hospitals
    • Law enforcement
    • Universities
    • Harbor days
    • Dutch design week
    • Einstein week
    • Heritage Days
    • Career days
  • Use the relevant institution’s website to collect more information about the programmes you’ve written down. Or read the programme brochures: you can often request these via Internet or collect them at an Open Day. Brochures and the initial information about studies on websites are often intended as orientation resources: they still don’t give you a complete impression of a programme. If you are considering a study, the deepen understanding phase is the next step.

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