External Funding

ERMeCC researchers have a strong track record in securing external funding. Current and recent research projects include:

Current projects

Recent projects

  • ICT and Social Cohesion at the Micro and Macro Level.
    By Dr. Marjon Schols. Grant: TNO & Funded by KPN. Supervisor(s): Prof. dr. Jos de Haan, Prof. dr. Jeroen Jansz & Prof. dr. Valerie Frissen.
    More on Project site.

    • VICI-project 
      Director: Susanne Janssen. Cultural Classifications Systems in Transition. The Social Valuation of Cultural Goods in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United states, 1955-2005. Project site
    • VENI-project 
      Stijn Reijnders. Media Tourism. Geographical Imagination in the World of James Bond and The Da Vinci Code.
    • VENI-project
      Laura BradenBoundaries by design. How Dutch and American Designers Navigate Multiple Fields. Project site 
  • PhD Project, sponsored by the Mondriaan Foundation
    Femke van Hest. The Representation of Dutch Visual Art on the Global Market Place. 
    Supervisor(s): Susanne Janssen & Jean Louis Fabiani (EHESS).

  • Council for the Judiciary
    Bernadette KesterEvaluation of the Press DirectiveInfo/NL-info

  • Teens creativity in a virtual world
    Jeroen Jansz in collaboration with Mijke Slot (ERMeCC/TNO) and Remco Pijpers (Stichting Mijn Kind Online). Funded by Digibewust & Digivaardig en Mediawijzernet.

  • EU Kids Online
    Jos de HaanMarc Verboord and Peter Nikken participate in the Dutch component of this large-scale European research project directed by Sonia Livingstone.

  • Kennisnetproject  
    Jeroen Jansz in collaboration with IVO Rotterdam: What do we know about positive and negative effects of playing video- and computergames?  

  • ESF SCH/SCSS Exporatory Workshop
    Erik HittersExploring Creative Cities: The Cultural and Economic Values of Cultural Industries Clusters.

  • PhD Project, co-funded by TNO
    Miriam van de KampWhere Corporate Culture and Local Markets Meet. Music and Film Majors in the Netherlands, 1990-2005
    Supervisor(s): Ton Bevers, Paul Rutten & Erik Hitters

  • Research projects, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW)
    Director: Jos de HaanThe Virtual Culture Buff. Public Interest in Cultural WebsitesInfo
    Directors: Jos de Haan & Susanne JanssenThe Digitisation of Culture (research on the use of digital media by institutions in the Dutch cultural field). Info

  • Research projects, commissioned by the Dutch Language Association
    Directors: Susanne Janssen & Kris Humbeeck (University of Antwerpen). Media Use and Information Needs of Producers, Mediators, and Readers of Fiction Books in the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname. Info 
    Directors: Kris Humbeeck (University of Antwerpen) & Susanne Janssen. Working conditions and career development of Dutch and Flemish literary translatorsInfo