International and European Union Law


Here you can find a full overview of all courses in the master programme International and European Union Law.

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    • In this course you will set your first steps on an exploration of the socio-legal dimensions concerning the integration of markets in the European Union and at the global level. This course will give you a foretaste of topics, which will be revisited and dealt with in greater depth during subse­quent cour­ses in the master programme.

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    • During this course students will explore the multidimensional nature of the legal orders (a new development) that lawyers are confronted with in a globalized world. The focus will be on how various above-national legal orders, such as the international and European Union legal orders but also international private legal orders (think e.g. of the Forest Stewardship Council wood certification scheme), inter-relate and how they relate to the values enshrined in national legal orders.

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    • The course imparts in-depth knowledge on European Union law including the law of the fundamental freedoms, EU institutional and procedural law, EU competition law (including EU State aid law), the law of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the law of external trade relations.

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    • This course focuses on the changing institutions underpinning the international legal order and the emerging systems of global governance (that is governing without the traditional forms of ‘government’).

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    • Students choosing to specialize in European Union Law must choose one of the European Union Law electives.

      Electives -  European Union Law:

      Students choosing to specialize in International Law must choose one of the International law electives.

      Electives - International Law:

      Students can choose any of the above listed elective courses from the International and European Union Law programme for their second elective. Alternatively, students may select another elective offered at Erasmus University in the place of the second elective from the programme. Each elective is worth 5 EC.

    • During this course participants will be exposed to perspectives from a variety of disciplines on multidimensional legal orders. Participants will be challenged to relate some of these perspectives to the topic considered in their thesis as well as to critically reflect on value-added of various perspectives, for both policy aims and academic research.

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    • In this part of the Master, students are required to write a masterthesis on a topic of International law or European Union law (10 ECTS-credits).