Charging stations for e-cars

You can recharge an electric car at one of the 22 charging stations in the Plaza Parking. Locations: 6 are located at the Kralingse Zoom side, 6 at the Burgemeester Oudlaan side and 6 in de middle of Plaza Parking.

Location of the charging stations

The charging stations for electric cars are close to the Plaza Parking entrance/exit, immediately around the corner on level 2 (-1). The charging stations are clearly marked with notices on the wall and the floor. 

Type of chargers for electric cars

At every location there are 2 fast chargers available. (Please note: these are only suitable for certain types of electric cars, built from 2011 or later); the other chargers chargers are standard chargers. The blue chargers, located in the middle of the Plaza Parking, are single-phase chargers (3.7kW).

Charging time

The standard chargers will recharge your car in about 2 to 3 hours; the fast chargers will do the job in about 30 minutes. 


Please do not leave your car longer than half a day so that other electric cars can be charged. This will enable as many people as possible to charge their electric cars. 


How do the charging stations work? 

You can use any of the Dutch charging cards. It is easy to operate the charging stations:

  • Connect the car's charging cable;
  • Activate the charging point with your charging card; 
  • The Mode 3 controller allows the charging point to communicate with your vehicle. 
  • The plug is locked into the charging point while the vehicle recharges.
  • When your car is fully charged, the details of the transaction will be sent to the back office.

Charging rates

The charging rate is € 0,22 per kWh.

More information?

For more information about the charging points please contact the Service Desk, phone (010) 40 88880.  

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