• Arbeid, Organisatie en Management

    In this Dutch master specialization, you will learn to analyse public and private organisations from a sociological perspective.
  • Beleid en Politiek

    This Dutch master specialisation focuses on how to realise effective and legitimate policies in complex contexts.
  • Brain and Cognition

    The Master in Brain and Cognition covers topics such as attention, language, memory, knowledge, motivation and emotion. Click on this page for more information.
  • Clinical Psychology

    This master's track focuses on psychopathology within adults, with the scientific approach as a central element.
  • Digitalisation in Work and Society

    If you’re interested in how digital technologies might reshape how we work, organise, and govern, this new, multidisciplinary master track is the right fit for…
  • Educatieve Master Primair Onderwijs

    Do you want to teach primary education in a metropolitan context? Then this Dutch master programme is the right fit for you!
  • Educational Psychology: Learning and Performance

    This master's programme offers an integral approach to current issues in the area of learning performance.
  • Engaging Public Issues

    If you're interested in how algorithms can be racist, how your smartphone is a political object, this master programme (MSc) is for you
  • Forensic and Legal Psychology

    This specialisation focusses on psychological contributions to both forensic and legal contexts.
  • Governance en Management van Complexe Systemen

    In this Dutch master we seek solutions for policy issues for which there are no simple solutions.

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