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  • Brain and Cognition

    Master in Brein en Cognitie: Aandacht, waarnemen, taal, geheugen, kennis, motivatie en emotie. Dit zijn de onderwerpen die aan de orde komen. Lees verder.
  • Clinical Psychology

    Master in Klinische Psychologie: In de master ligt de nadruk op complexe vormen van psychopathologie en staat de wetenschappelijke benadering centraal.
  • Educational Sciences

    Master in Onderwijswetenschappen: Wil je graag een bijdrage leveren aan innovaties in onderwijs, dan is dit de juiste master voor jou: Bekijk de opleiding.
  • Engaging Public Issues

    If you're interested in how algorithms can be racist, how your smartphone is a political object, or how climate change becomes an issue for a growing…
  • Forensic and Legal Psychology

    Master Forensic and Legal Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This specialization focusses on psychological contributions to both forensic and legal contexts.
  • Governance and Management in the Public Sector

    Master in Management of Governance Networks: This study provides insights and tools that can be applied to governance problems in the modern world.
  • Governance of Migration and Diversity - Public Administration

    Master Governance of Migration and Diversity - Public Administration: A specific focus on policies, politics and governments at various levels: Read more.
  • Governance of Migration and Diversity - Sociology

    Master in Governance of Migration and Diversity – Sociology: This study focuses on sociological theories and research about the drivers of migration.
  • Health Psychology & Digital Interventions

    This master is aimed at forming science-informed practitioners in digital behaviour change. Students will learn how to use psychological insights and evidence-based methods to create innovative technological solutions.
  • International Public Management and Policy

    Master in International Public Management and Policy: This study focuses on the increasingly international nature of public management and policy-making.