At Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences we are proud of you, our alumni. Currently we are counting over 16.000 alumni. After obtaining a bachelor, master or PhD at ESSB, you are automatically registered as an alumnus at our faculty, as well as at Erasmus University. As such you will remain part of our academic community. Our alumni form a fantastic network from which you can benefit and to which you can also contribute yourself.

Benefits of being an ESSB and Erasmus University alumnus

Stay informed of developments in your field or explore new areas with a masterclass or course at our ESSB Academy for professionals. There are various (networking) events organised, research opportunities offered to organisations and mentoring connections made.

Contribute with knowledge, time or funds

Alumni play a role in the quality of education and research. We have an alumni board which gives regular feedback. There are also possibilities for mentoring, guest lectures and being involved as an ambassador for new students. Feel free to approach us with your ideas!

Alumni groups – stay involved

To stay connected with each other we created alumni groups for almost each study programme. Check out the Networks pages to see all existing alumni groups and associations. 

Interested to initiate a new alumni group for your study or specialisation? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Moved? New email address? - update your contact details to stay connected

After obtaining a bachelor, master or PhD, you are automatically registered as an alumnus, but please do keep your contact details up to date. We send you regular emails in which you can easily adjust your email address for example, as well as your email preferences. You can also update your contact details in the form below or send an email to This way you will remain part of our academic community and all it offers.

Graduation Ceremony

Would you like to know more about the graduation ceremonies or do you have a question about this? Take a look at the information on the Graduation Ceremonies.

Reach out to our alumni office

Feel inspired to be more involved? Like to share ideas or remarks? Please contact our Alumni Officer: Ravello Sairras | +31 638950333 |

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