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Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

ESSB is home to a vast diversity of study programmes and scientific disciplines: Pedagogical Sciences, Psychology, Public Administration and Sociology. In addition, the Erasmus University College, IHS, and two research institutes RISBO and DRIFT are linked to the faculty. Our education is small-scale and based around Problem Based Learning (PBL). Being connected to the professional field is another characteristic of our study programmes. This is explicitly reflected in our ESSB strategy: Meeting the Future Society

Organisational structure

Dean Prof. Victor Bekkers of the Erasmus School of Social Sciences and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB) is responsible for the faculty. Since 1 July 2019 the organizational structure is as follows:

Management Team

  • Prof. Victor Bekkers, Dean ESSB (chair)
  • Dr. Brenda Vermeeren, Vice-Dean for Education
  • Prof. Semiha Denktas, Vice-Dean for Research
  • Dr. Mariette de Jong, Director of Operations

Contact person management team

Mr.drs. Barbara van Zeijl-Taal, Secretary to the Executive Board | e-mail: vanzeijl@essb.eur.nl

Faculty Management Board (FMB)

The Dean is the Chair of the FMB. All members of the Management Team, directors of the departments, and a student are member of the FMB. A representative of the policy advisors and the business controller are advisors for the FMB.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council acts as a participational body at the faculty level. The Faculty Council consists of 50% of students and 50% of employees of the ESSB. For important faculty matters, the Dean consults with the Faculty Council.

Organisational components

Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS). Director: Prof. Arwin van Buuren
Department of Psychology, Education & Child Studies (DPECS). Director: Dr. Daphne van de Bongardt
Erasmus University College (EUC). Director Dr. Gera Noordzij

Education and research directors

Programme directors DPAS:

  • Dr. Jolien Grandia, bachelor Public Administration
  • Prof. Peter Mascini, bachelor Sociology
  • Prof.Michal Onderco, bachelor Management of International Social Challenges
  • Dr. Jasper Eshuis, master programmes Public Administration
  • Prof. Ferry Koster, master programmes Sociology
  • Vacancy, research Public Administration
  • Prof. Jeroen van der Waal, research Sociology

Programme directors DPECS:

  • Dr. Marjan Gorgievski, bachelor Psychology
  • Dr. Marieke Meeuwisse, bachelor Pedagogical Sciences
  • Dr. René Zeelenberg, master programmes Psychology
  • Prof.dr. Nicole Lucassen, master programmes Pedagogical Sciences
  • Vacancy  research Psychology
  • Prof. Maartje Luijk, research Pedagogical Sciences

Erasmus University College 
The Director of EUC is also the Director of Education for the Liberal Arts and Sciences bachelor programme.

Dean’s Office

All support and management staff who do not specifically work for one department are part of the Dean’s Office. Director of the Dean’s Office is the Director of Operations: Dr. Mariette de Jong

Affiliated institutes

Risbo, Director drs. Jan de Boom
DRIFT, Director prof. Derk Loorbach
IHS, Academic Director dr.dr. Lasse Gerrits 

Advisory committees

There are also some advisory committees within the faculty:

Faculty regulations & management instructions

The main aspects of the faculty's administrative organisation are laid down in the faculty regulations. The formal basis of the faculty's management organisation is laid down in the management instruction.


Secretariat dean: office.dean@essb.eur.nl
Secretariat faculty office: office@essb.eur.nl
Communications officer external: kooistra@essb.eur.nl

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

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