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Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences


The final responsibility for the faculty board and management of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB) lies with the dean. The dean is supported by his staff, consisting of the dean, a student member, the faculty director and the policy advisors education and research and the business controller. Since September 1st 2015 this staff is compiled as follows:

  • Prof.dr. V.J.J.M. Bekkers (dean)
  • Mw.dr. A.M.Ph. de Jong (faculty director)
  • Mw. J. Dekkers-de Leeuw MSc (policy advisor Research)
  • Dhr. M.G.J.M. Adriaans MSc (policy advisor Education)
  • Dhr. B. Looije (business controller)
  • Mw. Nicky van de Lagemaat (student member)

Faculty Council

In case of important faculty matters consults the dean with the faculty council. The faculty council also acts as a co-decision body at the faculty level. The faculty council consists for 50% of students and 50% of employees of the ESSB.

Organizational components

The faculty has the following capacity groups, in which the academic personnel and the support and management staff is housed:

  • Department of Public Administration and Sociology. Chairman: prof.dr. R.J. van der Veen
  • Department of Psychology, Education & Child Studies. Chairman: dr. A.C.C.M. Smeets and prof.dr. P.J. Prinzie
  • Erasmus University College. Dean: prof.dr. M.A. Frens

Education and research directors

The education and research within Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogical Sciences are housed in programmes. The management over these programmes lies with the education and research directors. Currently the following directors are in place:

Public Administration - Sociology

  • Education director: prof.dr. M. Haverland
  • Research direoctor: prof.dr. P.A. Dykstra

Psychology - Pedagogical Sciences

  • Education director: dr. A.A.C.M. Smeets
  • Research director: prof.dr. P.J. Prinzie

Faculty office

All support and management staff who do not specifically work for one science-based area are housed in the faculty office. The faculty office is headed by the faculty director: mw.dr. A.M.Ph. de Jong.



Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences