Joint decision making

Joint decision making means that various stakeholders are able to participate in discussions on important topics. At the ESSB students, either in a group or individually, can join discussions with professors and employees of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences in order to represent students and their opinion. Students are active in joint decision making processes at different levels, thus conveying their ideas and complaints.

This part of the website gives information on the various possibilities to participate in joint decision making at the ESSB, how this is organised and where to go to in case of a complaint about the education.

There are various joint decision making bodies & stakeholders at the ESSB:

  • Educational committees
  • The Faculty Council
  • The University Council
  • Student members of board councils
  • The student member of the Management Team  

Student Consultative Body of the Faculty

The above mentioned bodies and stakeholders are represented in the Student Consultative Body of the Faculty (abbreviation in Dutch: FSO). During a monthly meeting representatives of the various joint decision making bodies of the ESSB gather in order to discuss matters related to education. The Commissioner Education of student association Cedo Nulli is the chairperson of this meeting. He or she presides the Student Consultative Body of the Faculty and stimulates joint decision making.

During the meeting, matters related to education that could be of interest to students are discussed. All stakeholders discuss current affairs, exchange information and try to learn from each other.

Furthermore, all the complaints that Cedo Nulli collects are forwarded to the joint decision making body that is most apt to handle the specific complaint. For more information about complaints: please consult the section ‘Complaint Regulation’ on the website. 

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