Parking campus Woudestein

Where can I park?

There are two parking garages on the Woudestein campus, both with a height of 2.10 metres. Paid parking is available on campus. The Plaza Parking is accessible 24 hours a day. The Mandeville Parking closes at 22:30 on weekdays and is closed on weekends and public holidays.

Parking for the disabled

With an EU disabled parking card, you can park for free on campus. Disabled parking is available in the Plaza Parking, the Mandeville Parking and on the Collegelaan, Sportlaan and Thomas Morelaan as close to the buildings as possible to the buildings. Click here how to park for free.

Motorbikes parking

The Mandeville Parking is the only parking with dedicated spaces for motorcycles. Motorcycles may only be parked here. If a motorbike is parked outside the allocated spaces, it will be charged according to the general parking conditions.

Parking rates and payment terminals

Students and visitors are subject to short-term parking rates. Parking rates 2022.
The payment terminals are located in the two parkings near the exits.. Payment can be made by PIN or credit card. The payment machines are wheelchair accessible.

Charging stations for electric cars

There are 22 charing points for electric cars in the Plaza Parking, all on level 2 (entrance level), 6 on the Kralingse Zoom side, 6 on the Burgemeester Oudlaan side and 4 in the middle. Read more. 

Parking Rules and Regulations

In addition to the general traffic regulations, special general conditions apply to parking on the Woudestein campus. Campus Security monitors compliance with these rules and may call in the police for assistance. Violations may result in a wheel clamp being applied or a vehicle being towed.

When is a wheel clamp fitted?

  • When a vehicle is parked:
    • In a disabled parking bay without an EU disabled parking card;
    • In front of entrances and exits;
    • on marked kerbs;
    • where it causes (potential) danger or inconvenience.
  • If a motor vehicle is caught on camera 'co-training' (i.e. driving past the barrier with another motor vehicle without paying). A wheel clamp will then be fitted on the next visit to the campus.

Removal of wheel clamp

When the security guard places a wheel clamp, he applies a warning to the motor vehicle.
To have a wheel clamp removed, contact Campus Security, Parking services, telephone (010) 408 1033. The cost of removing a wheel clamp is €25.00.
Motor vehicles with wheel clamp for which no one has reported after 14 days can be towed away. The cost of this is for the licence plate holder. After 28 days, a towed vehicle can be handed over to the Municipality of Rotterdam.

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