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Via eduXchange you can explore minors and register for EUR, Leiden, Delft and joint-LDE minors. Watch the video and start your minor orientation at eduXchange.

You need an eduID to register for a minor. Without an eduID, it is not possible to register. First create your eduID at www.eduID.nl. Learn in this video how to do this.

On this page you can find information about minors for EUR-students. You can choose an EUR-minor, joint-LDE minor or a minor in Leiden or Delft.

Each year, Erasmus University Rotterdam offers almost 100 minors. This includes around 70 broadening minors and more than 20 deepening minors.

With a broadening minor you broaden your horizon, with a deepening minor you specialize within your own field of expertise. The Erasmus MC also offers deepening minors with a stay abroad. We also offer selection minors, for which is special selection procedure in place. Be advised: a different application period is in place for the deepening minors with a stay abroad and the selection minors.

Check out the minor overview at eduXchange for all the minors offered. Check the admissions matrix to see if you are admissible for the minor of your choice.

In addition to an EUR-minor you can also choose a joint-LDE minor or a minor at Leiden University or TU Delft!

Disclaimer: It is possible that a minor will be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. too few participants). In this exceptional situation, a suitable solution will be found together with the faculty.

In cooperation with Leiden University and TU Delft, the EUR offers Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minors (joint-LDE minors). These minors are provided by all three universities, this means that you need to attend classes at two or three of the LDE-partners. The joint-LDE minors are offered in two variants: 15 EC and 30 EC.

These are the reasons for choosing a Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minor:

1. Joint education programmes provided by three top universities.
2. Urgent social issues and new potential solutions.
3. Lecturers and students from a range of specialisms.
4. Case studies from businesses, government authorities and NGOs.
5. A network in Leiden, The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam.

In 2024-2025 we offer the following joint-LDE minors:

  • African Dynamics (joint LDE-minor) selection minor   
  • Co-creating sustainable practices in and beyond the Indonesian City (NEW) (joint-LD)
  • Frugal Innovation (joint LDE-minor) selection minor 
  • (Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society and Culture (joint LDE-minor)
  • Sustainable Chemistry and Biotechnology (joint LD-minor) selection minor 
  • Authenticity and Art Crime (joint LDE-minor) selection minor
  • Collaborative Science for Biomedical Breakthroughs (joint LDE-minor) 
  • Co-creating a Healthy Society (joint LDE-minor) 
  • Georesources for the Future (joint LD-minor) 
  • Living Education Lab (joint LDE-minor)  
  • Modes of Existence: Architecture and Philosophy (joint DE-minor) 
  • Responsible Innovation (joint LDE-minor) 
  • Public Risk and Disaster (joint LD-minor) 
  • SDG-based entrepreneurship in organizations (NEW) (joint-LDE)
  • Smart and Shared Cities (joint LDE-minor)  
  • Space Missions (joint LD-minor)  

Check out all minors at eduXchange or visit the website of joint-LDE minors to learn more. Check the admissions matrix to see if you are admissible for the minor of your choice.

Be advised: the schedules in Leiden and Delft can differ from the regular EUR-minor period.

In addition to a joint-LDE minor you can also choose an EUR-minor or a minor at Leiden University or TU Delft!

Joint minor Responsible Innovation

In addition to an EUR-minor or joint-LDE minor you can also choose a minor at Leiden University or TU Delft. The EUR, Leiden University and TU Delft have made 33% of the place in their minors available to each others students.  You can check out the minors offered by Leiden University and TU Delft at eduXchange

Minors in Leiden are 30 EC, however it is possible to complete a 15 EC variant. The minor formats explain which courses should be completed for the 15 EC variant. Please reach out to the minor contact from Leiden University for more information about this subject.

Minors in Delft are – with a few exceptions – 30 EC. Minors in Delft have to be completed for 30 EC. Only some specific minors can be completed for 15 EC. This is clearly stated in the minor format. The minor period in Delft is up until the beginning of February.

Most minors at the EUR are 15 EC. Extra EC are extracurriculair to the 180 EC of your own study program. If you would like to add the extra EC to your study program, you need the approval from your own Exam Committee.  

Be advised: the schedules in Leiden and Delft can differ from the EUR minorperiod. If you chose a 30 EC minor, your classes will be given until February. If you chose a minor in Leiden, it could be possible that the minor has a 'lint schedule' which means that classes will be given year-round.

Your minor at Leiden University: a testimonial

Your minor at Delft University of Technology: a testimonial

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