Information regarding DUO

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DUO is sending out letters and they are reaching you in different phases and at different times. This page serves to explain DUO, the selection procedure and the content of the letters. Please read the information carefully in order to know what to do exactly.

About DUO

DUO is the national agency that administers everything related to higher education, such as admission for Dutch students, maintaining Studielink, granting scholarships as well as executing the drawing procedure – which the International Bachelor in Psychology is part of. Psychology is a lottery-based programme and placement can occur in three ways: decentralized selectin, centralized lottery and direct placement.

Lottery / selection? About the procedure:

We have selected all students as part of the procedure of decentralized selection. This means that we selected your application out of the pool of almost 300 applicants and would like you to start our programme. However, we are bound by laws and rules. You are not fully accepted and enrolled until you are correctly in Studielink (the deadline was May 15th, so you already passed the first hurdle!), have sent your proof of graduating your secondary education, confirmed DUO’s offer of placement in July and paid tuition fees in August. For more information, we would like to refer you to the explanation of the process with DUO. Also, DUO explains it as well.

For decentralised selection, you do not need to proof proficiency in Dutch.

Letters from DUO

Subject “Admission requirements”

This letter informs you that you need to send your documents to DUO before 23rd of June. Make sure your documents reach DUO before the deadline, if your diploma requires you to send it to DUO.

Subject “Information on the selection procedure”

This letter explains once again that the International Bachelor in Psychology is part of the drawing procedure. Centralized drawing and decentralized selection are part of the same law. As mentioned above, we have 400 places for students, 100 are used for decentralized selection and 300 for the centralized lottery. When students are not selected for decentralized selection, they can still participate in the centralized drawing procedure. For the drawing procedure, there are categories assigned. Most students (with EU diplomas) are placed in category C, while excellent students are placed in category A. You will only be placed in a category if DUO has received a certified copy of your diploma and transcript already.

We are not sending your names to DUO until June, so at this point, DUO is unaware that you are selected. All students are treated the same at this point – and therefore you received information regarding your category for the drawing procedure.

In addition, a letter of acceptance from us, will not change your status in Studielink. This will only change after DUO has received all requests for decentralized selection in June.

You should respond to the letter by either sending your documents to DUO, filling out the reply card or wait until we submit your beschikking to DUO.

No letters received?

If you have not received any letters from DUO yet, please let us know so we can count how many of you there are. However, please do not worry about this. Follow the steps in the checklist and eventually, the placement that you need to accept to join the programme will be offered to you through Studielink.

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