Urban diversity

Kate Trysh

What are we researching?

Migration and migration-related diversity are primarily an urban phenomenon. In this study, we look at the role of migration and diversity in urban life. We examine how cities deal with migration and diversity from the perspective of policy and politics. What types of migration cities can be distinguished?

Why and how are we doing this research?

This research theme takes a systematic and comparative look at how cities deal with migration and migration-related diversity. The following topics, among others, are central to this:

  • Comparative research on types of migration cities
  • Research on migration and diversity policy at the urban level
  • Research on the links between diversity, segregation, international mobility and socio-economic inequality in cities
  • Research on the role of migration and diversity in urban politics, including in the context of social polarisation and the rise of populism

How does our research make an impact?

This research theme contributes to the formation of theory on urban diversity. At the same time, our research contributes to the practice of these cities. Our research helps to conduct a lively social debate on these policy themes. We perform local research that contributes to the effectiveness of urban policies.

For example, researchers and students in The Hague South-West are researching metropolitan issues concerning urban diversity. And within the framework of the European Horizon research programme, we are conducting research into how small cities and rural areas deal with migration and diversity.

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