Citizens of Rotterdam share their views on city life with researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam

What do the citizens of Rotterdam think is important in their city, what works well, and what can be improved? These questions are often answered from the perspective of policy, politics and science, i.e. in political visions or policy evaluations. But what do Rotterdammers think about it themselves? The 'My Rotterdam' project wants to pay attention to the opinions and views of residents. Researchers of the Erasmus Initiative 'Vital Cities & Citizens' of the Erasmus University Rotterdam are therefore interviewing residents about their views on city life. Participants are still being recruited.

Under the supervision of researchers Petra de Jong and Brian P. Godor, students from Erasmus University Rotterdam will set out in the upcoming months to talk to residents of Rotterdam about life in the city. Through these interviews, the researchers want to gain more insight into the views of Rotterdammers about various aspects of city life. With 'My Rotterdam', the researchers want to contribute to Rotterdam’s city life. De Jong: “With the research we aim to make the voice of the most diverse groups of Rotterdam heard. Based on what they consider to be crucial for the quality of life in the city, we make recommendations to the municipality of Rotterdam and other local parties. We also share the insights from the research with the general public in ways that are both creative and accessible.”

Uncovering recurring views on urban life

For the second part of the study, the researchers formulate statements about life in the city based on information and insights from the interviews. These statements are then presented to the residents, who rank the statements according to their own insight. Godor: “On the basis of the results of ranking the statements, we can identify groups of citizens who have similar views on life in their city. In this way we can uncover recurring views and perspectives of citizens on urban life.”

Intended results

With this study, the researchers want to enrich academic literature on urban issues with concrete examples and experiences of citizens. The research also contributes to drawing up a knowledge agenda that is relevant and appealing to both academia and practice.

About Vital Cities and Citizens

The Erasmus Initiative 'Vital Cities and Citizens' aims to improve the quality of life in cities. The researchers want to achieve this by forming networks with municipalities, social organizations and initiatives, companies and the creative industry, as well as by sharing knowledge with academic peers.

Would you also like to participate in this research?

Do you live in Rotterdam and would you like to share your experiences of living in the city? Read more about the research and how to participate here.


dr. Petra de Jong

Petra de Jong works as a postdoc ‘Resilient and Inclusive Cities and Communities’ within the Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and Citizens.


dr. Brian Godor

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