Governance in transition

  • Research report

    'Between tradition and transition'

    'Travel report' on how civil servants are actively working on transitions in the Reyeroord district. Reyeroord+ belongs to the leading group of 'working differently' in the neighbourhood and organisation. It is part of a broader trend in government to stimulate the involvement of citizens and to develop new management styles. It is an important, exciting and perhaps controversial experiment, the outcome of which is uncertain and the road after which is uncertain.


  • Research report

    'Over the bow of an agreement'

    Evaluation on the realization of the Rotterdam Climate Accord.

  • Research report

    'Tug of war without specifications'

    Research that follows policy process from 2013 to 2020 in redesigning target group transport Rotterdam.

  • Research report

    'Remote but connected'

    Gives an overview of the municipality's cooperative relations by highlighting the legal design and role.

  • Research report

    'Goals for doers'

    Report on the potential, opportunities and obstacles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in  within the municipality of Rotterdam. Can be requested via the GOVLAB010 -team. 



  • Webinar

    'Design en Complexity'

    In this webinar, the art of recognising complexity and the potential of design to deal with complexity are explored through two double interviews.

  • Webinar

    'Sturen in tijden van corona'

    During this webinar, we will reflect on the question "What can we learn from this crisis, and how can we make the city of Rotterdam more resilient?"

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