Tatjana Fincke, student International Bachelor in Psychology

Even though the workload is high I am working with a smile on my face.

To be honest I never thought I would study Psychology one day. I was all about medicine, enzymes and chemical reactions. However, after two years of studying Biochemistry, I realized that I was trying to become a person that I am not. So I quit with no idea what to do next. I only knew something had to change and I knew that I love to travel and I love the English language. So, I thought, if I am going to start all over again, I am going to do this right: moving abroad and start a study in English.

I began my research. The more I read about Psychology the more I realized that this study had the perfect combination of biology, sociology and philosophy I have always looked for. For two years I worked in several medical facilities around Germany and as a paramedic, which not had only a medical but also a psychological point of view, I knew Psychology would probably a good fit for me. Furthermore it would give me the opportunity to specialize in a lot of different ways. Then I read about the Problem Based Learning System at EUR and I was fascinated. I thought this learning method was especially made for me as it fitted my learning behavior perfectly. I did not really expect to get into the program but I applied and I got accepted. So I moved here and up till today there is not a single day where I regret this decision.

I love the tutorial meetings, where we are able to discuss the topic and I simply love what psychology is about. Even though the workload is high I am working with a smile on my face, sometimes even calling my friends to tell them how excited I am over this new subject. I am especially looking forward to organizational psychology, however I would not have expected to be that excited learning more about people and their behaviour in groups.

It took me some time to get used to Rotterdam. I am not a huge fan of big, modern buildings, I rather prefer old cities like Amsterdam or Edinburgh. However, as time went by, I discovered more and more places in Rotterdam which I enjoy. I don’t know where life will take me, but I am happy here and for the first time I feel like being in the right place.