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Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing
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The need for quantitative support to optimise operational and strategic decision-making continues to increase. The Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing programme focuses on the most creative side of data science: developing models and techniques to convert big data into knowledge, find opportunities and predict behaviour. Such models and techniques originate from statistics, econometrics, machine-learning or computer science.

This challenging programme teaches you how to use the most appropriate quantitative methods when solving business problems and conducting research. This will enable you to apply and further develop effective data-analysis methods and translate findings into actionable advice.

You can go beyond just applying popular techniques, you understand details and will be able to creatively improve methods.

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Is this the right choice for you?

Do you want to help businesses make smarter decisions and understand their customers better? Do data science and the advanced methods appeal to you? Would you like to contribute to sound decision-making and are maths, statistics and econometrics your thing? In that case, we have an exciting programme on offer.

This master has a technical focus. You will not only learn to apply state-of-the art methods, but also to understand the mathematical and statistics details of their workings. This knowledge prepares you to develop new methods yourself and to continue to keep up with the fast developments in this field after graduation. Therefore we would like to emphasise the importance of:

  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills  
  • A strong background in mathematics, statistics and econometrics
  • Experience with programming (at least some)
  • Ambition and a go-getter mentality.

We advise you to check the formal requirements for entry. 

Why study Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing in Rotterdam?

Erasmus School of Economics is renowned for its quantitative research and high-quality, practice-based teaching methods. Add this to our close ties to the business world and our many successful alumni in the field… and you know why Rotterdam is where you want to specialise in Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing.

The best example of our practice-based teaching method is the seminar course. In this course you will participate in a small team of students to complete a business-oriented research problem from start to finish. Each year we select a number of companies to work with. They provide us with their data and business question. Next, it is up to you and your team to formulate this as a data science question, find and develop appropriate methods, implement them and report the results to the company. Each year we work on new challenges.

This is not only a real taste of the work that you will do after graduation, but you will also make a real impact on business!

Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing gives you the right tools to become a real treasure hunter in a world of data overload
The specialisation Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing prepares you for a digital, data-driven time

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