Eight masters rated as ‘top programmes'

Eight Erasmus University Rotterdam master programmes received the designation ‘top rated programme’ in the study programme guide Keuzegids Masters 2016. Students in these programmes awarded their degree programme an exceptionally high satisfaction score. In last year’s edition, the ‘top rated programme’ designation was awarded to two Erasmus University master programmes.

Keuzegids evaluated 69 research master and master programmes offered at Erasmus University. Of this total, eight were recognised as ‘top rated programmes’:

In addition, Labour Law and Philosophy and Economics are included in Keuzegids’s Top 22 ranking of very best master programmes. 

Students gave the top Rotterdam programmes particularly high marks for the quality of their lecturers, their curricula, their practical orientation and students’ scientific formation. Top rated programmes have a total score of at least 76 points in the Keuzegids ranking. Last year two of Erasmus University’s master programmes received this quality designation.

Number 1
In addition to these top rated programmes, the following EUR programmes also hold first place in a comparison with similar study programmes in the Netherlands: Supply Chain ManagementHuman Resource ManagementMedicine and Pedagogy and Education all came out on top in their respective categories. Overall, Erasmus University is fifth in the ranking of general universities.

In addition, Keuzegids observes that Erasmus University provides “clear and detailed information” regarding its admission requirements. At 70% of Erasmus University’s master programmes, students are admitted via an individual, tailor-made procedure.

The growth of Erasmus University’s range of master programmes is a key element in the strategy adopted by the institution. By continuing to invest in quality, the university aims to become even more appealing to students outside the region – both in the Netherlands and abroad, thanks in part to a growing number of English-language streams. With an annual student intake for its master programmes of 60% of the total intake (56% in 2012), Erasmus University still needs to work on becoming a true ‘master university’. Recent figures show that the institution is doing a good job at attracting master students.

About Keuzegids Masters
Keuzegids Masters is published by Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie (C.H.O.I.). The study programme guide offers an overview of the various higher professional and academic master programmes in each field, information about the labour market and detailed quality evaluations for each master programme. These evaluations are based both on data from the National Student Survey (Nationale Studentenenquête) and accreditation decisions and reports issued by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

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