International exchanges and internships

Molecular Medicine

Student exchanges


For a limited number of students, internships abroad are possible within the framework of our collaborative agreements with three universities.

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Nürnberg, GermanyMSc Molecular Medicine
Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen, GermanyMSc Biology
University of Barcelona, SpainMSc Biology/Neurosciences
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, FranceMSc Molecular and Cellular Biology

A typical student exchange will take the form of a clearly defined six-month research project, and will preferably be done while in year 2 of the program. When performing a research project in Nürnberg, Paris or Barcelona, students will receive supervision and guidance in accordance with the requirements in Rotterdam. The MSc thesis will always have to be defended in Rotterdam.


When visiting Rotterdam, exchange students from Nürnberg, Göttingen, Barcelona and Paris will be able to perform a six-month research project, with optional additional courses.

Internships abroad

Incidentally, students are allowed to conduct their 2nd year research project in a research lab abroad (other than the labs at FAU, GAU, UPMC or UB). This can only happen on the conditions that collaborations already exist between the involved research groups, and that our requirements regarding course work, supervision, and assessment are met.

The Erasmus MC offers internships on a wide variety of topics. Students may consider internships at institutes outside the Erasmus MC or even abroad. To ensure optimal guidance and training for the student as well as participation of the student in the 2nd year course Writing a Project Proposal, a few additional requirements apply to these “extra-Erasmus MC” internships, in particular to those in institutes abroad. Excellence of the candidate and the hosting institute are major factors for support from the Molecular Medicine MSc program. In addition, the internship requires a mentor from within the Erasmus MC and should preferably be part of a collaboration with an Erasmus MC research group. Contact the year 2 coordinators (Dr. Gert Jansen and Dr. Gerben Schaaf) in time to discuss your plans and for more information.

An internship abroad can only be arranged and carried out in full agreement with the involved MSc faculty members: the lab supervisor, the course director(s), and the program director.

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