Why study Research Master Neuroscience

Neuroscience graduates are very well trained to take up Ph.D. positions in various medical fields, such as neurology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, oncology, psychology, psychiatry and gerontology. The program also prepares students also for future research positions in technology and industry. The range of industrial application of neuroscience research is very broad. It runs from molecular and genetic approaches for drug development in pharmaceutical companies to new design in robotics based on neural principles and intelligent man-machine interface devices.

In our research master Neuroscience program, students are guided to explore and develop their own talents in the broad field of Neuroscience.

Why choose this Research Master in Neuroscience in Rotterdam?

  • Modular teaching;
  • 2 years of research training with specialized and individual supervision;
  • seminars given by top neuroscientists;
  • training in publishing scientific reports in a variety of teaching formats, including courses, workshops, and seminars.

Target audience

Ambitious students with a desire to unravel the mysteries of the brain sign up for the research master program in Neuroscience at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The field of neuroscience is growing rapidly, allowing your career to follow. This program aims to attract talented students with original ideas, and a bachelor's degree in Life Sciences (e.g. a bachelor of Science in Medicine, Psychology, Biology, Nanobiology).