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Below is an overview of the first-year program and a list of topics to choose from during the second year.

For an overview in MS Word of year one, please click here.

RMNS-1.0Introduction week
RMNS-1.1Basic (Neuro)science
RMNS-1.2Neural signalling and computational neuroscience
RMNS-1.3Structure and organization of the nervous system
RMNS-1.4Sensorimotor systems
RMNS-1.5The changing brain
RMNS-1.6Complex brain functions
RMNS-1.7Scientific writing
RMNS-1.8Labtalks and Seminars (every Monday)
RMNS-1.9Research training (throughout the year)
RMNS-1.10Writing and presenting your research proposal

During the second year you conduct the experiments as proposed in your project proposal. After completion of the research project, you will present the results and write up your master thesis in the form of a paper that is of sufficient quality to be published in an international peer-reviewed journal.

You will choose from a list of workshops to gain hands on experience that will help you to perform your research. Below the list of topics you can choose from.

RMNS-2.1Poster presentation at a conference
RMNS-2.2Workshop outside our programme
RMNS-2.3Neuro-anatomy and pathology
RMNS-2.4Eye movements of mice and men
RMNS-2.5Statistics advanced level
RMNS-2.6f-MRI analysis techniques
RMNS-2.7Linear systems
RMNS-2.8Molecular neurobiology advanced level
RMNS-2.9Animal welfare (art.9)
RMNS-2.10Genetics and neurological diseases
RMNS-2.11Tools and therapy in psychiatry
RMNS-2.12Hippocampal field recording
RMNS-2.14aIntroduction to Matlab
RMNS-2.14bData analysis with Matlab (advanced)
RMNS-2.15Career outside academia
RMNS-2.16Modeling neural networks using NEURON
RMNS-2.17Introduction to Labview
RMNS-2.18Nerve conduction studies
RMNS-2.19High-performance brain simulation
RMNS-2.20Optical Imaging (Live cell microscopy)
RMNS-2.21History of Neuroscience
RMNS-3.1Research project (throughout the year)
RMNS-3.2Lab talks, seminars and journal clubs (every Monday)
RMNS-3.3Writing and presenting your master thesis

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