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Research Master in Philosophy and Economics

Studying in the Research Master in Philosophy and Economics means being part of a community of graduate students and researchers who are interested in all aspects of interdisciplinary research in philosophy and economics. You are encouraged to join in with the various research activities as much as possible.

Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics (EIPE)

EIPE is a leading research institute in philosophy and economics, with 20 years of distinguished research and graduate teaching. The research topics covered at EIPE span all branches of philosophy and economics, including foundations of economic theory, rationality, economic methodology and ethical aspects of economics. You can find more information on the website.

EIPE community

EIPE hosts an active community of a diverse and ambitious group of graduate students and researchers, who organize reading groups, workshops, and regular seminars. On these websites, you can find the profiles of the academic staff, the EIPE PhD students, the current ReMA students, and the ReMA alumni. You can find more about the events on the websites for the senior EIPE research seminar and the EIPE PhD seminar.  

Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics (EJPE)

The Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics (EJPE) is an internationally recognized peer-reviewed bi-annual academic journal supported by the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics at the Erasmus School of Philosophy of Erasmus University Rotterdam. EJPE publishes research on the methodology, history, ethics, and interdisciplinary relations of economics, and welcomes contributions from all scholars with an interest in any of its research domains. EJPE is an Open Access Journal: all the content is permanently available online without subscription or payment. Visit the website of EJPE for more information.

Erasmus Student Journal of Philosophy (ESJP)

The Erasmus Student Journal of Philosophy (ESJP) is a double-blind peer-reviewed student journal which gives students of Erasmus School of Philosophy the opportunity to publish their best philosophical papers. Published papers have been nominated by the teacher of the course for which they were written and subjected to double-blind peer review by at least one other teacher and two student editors that act as referees.

The ESJP aims to further enrich the philosophical environment in which Rotterdam’s philosophy students develop their thinking and bring their best work to the attention of a wider intellectual audience. Visit the website of the ESJP for more information.

Philosophical Faculty Association ERA

ERA is the faculty association of Erasmus School of Philosophy. ERA’s ambition is to inspire students on an academic and a personal level. To achieve this, ERA organizes interesting pub lectures, cultural activities and study trips. ERA welcomes all philosophy students. As a member of ERA, students will also receive our faculty magazine ‘Twijfel’, with philosophical articles and interviews of, with and by students and teachers. Visit the website of ERA for more information.

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