Advisory Council

  • Prof. dr. Joep Cornelissen - Rotterdam School of Management

    Joep Cornelissen - professor Rotterdam School of Management

    The main focus of his research involves studies of the role of corporate and managerial communication in the context of innovation, entrepreneurship and change, and of social evaluations of the legitimacy and reputation of start-up and established firms.

  • Prof. dr. Evert Stamhuis - Erasmus School of Law

    Evert Stamhuis - professor Erasmus School of Law

    Evert F. Stamhuis joined Erasmus School of Law in 2017 on a chair for Law & Innovation. Before that he had an academic career in criminal law and procedure which, led to a chair in that field at the Open University of the Netherlands (OUN). He also acted as the Dean for Humanities and Law at OUN before coming to Rotterdam. He assisted the DoIP Initiative as leader of the preparatory team and is now a member of the Academic Advisory Council. His research focuses on disruptive innovations in regulation, supervision and justice administration. Other affiliations are the University of Aruba (chair criminal law/procedure) and the Court of Appeal in ‘s Hertogenbosch (criminal section).

  • Prof. dr. Jack Vromen - Faculty of Philosophy

    Jack Vromen - professor Erasmus School of Philosophy

    The main research area of Jack Vromen is the Philosophy of Economics, with an emphasis on conceptual and meta-theoretical aspects of the relation between evolutionary and economic theorizing.