-	The panel discussion on the first day of the conference, moderated by Prof. dr. Jan-Peter Balkenende. From left to right: Prof. dr. Juliane Reinecke (King’s College London, King’s Business School), Prof. dr. Thorsten Beck (Cass Business School, Faculty of Finance), Børge Brende (President of the World Economic Forum), Fans van Houten (Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Royal Philips), Lise Kingo (Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the UN Global Compact) and Christophe Lanne

Upcoming Events

Past Events

  • Wednesday, 21 September 2022 | Conference

    Environmental Crime & Gender

    Exploring the varied intersections of environmental crime and gender with the aim of sharing knowledge with the criminological community and inspiring new research and collaborations.

    two chairs in front of a wall, the word feminism written on the wall
  • Thursday, 8 September 2022 | Conference

    2022 ESG and Compliance Summit

    A thought provoking afternoon to discuss the role of legal and compliance leaders within global organisations in the ESG agenda.

    Two pair of feet on gray tiles, with text: Passion led us here
  • Friday, 20 May 2022 | Online seminar

    Using the law to save the planet

    An online seminar on the various ways in which the law and legal procedures can help us to address climate change and ecological destruction. 

    Planet - Nasa
  • Friday, 19 March 2021 | PhD Defense Ceremony

    Smart City Development and Policy Transplantation

    The Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative (DoIP) is happy to announce that Negar Noori will be the first DoIP PhD candidate to officially graduate.


  • Friday 1, Dec 2020 | Online Conference

    The Promises and Pitfalls of Taxing Carbon

    Taxing carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse-gas emissions has been proposed for decades as an effective strategy to reorient supply and demand economics toward environmental sustainability.

  • Thursday 7, May 2020 | Online Event

    Normal is Over - Movie & Presentation by Filmmaker

    The Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative hosts an online screening of the documentary "Normal is Over". Filmmaker Renée Scheltema will give a short presentation and will answer questions. 

  • Thursday 12, Mar 2020 | Academic Side-Event

    Geuzenpenning awarded to ACPRA

    We regret to inform you that due to the uncertainty regarding Covid 19 the academic side event to the awarding of the Geuzenpenning in the Erasmus University pavillion has been cancelled. We hope to organise a similar event at a later stage.

  • Monday 9, Mar 2020 | Official Opening

    Center for Economics and Mutuality

    The official opening of the Center for Economics and Mutuality, of which the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative will become the academic arm in the Netherlands.

  • Monday 9, Mar 2020 | Inaugural Ceremony

    Research Associates

    On the 9th of March, 22 research associates of the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative will be inaugurated.

  • Thursday, 13 Feb 2020 | Lunchseminar 

    Inclusive Proserity Lunchseminar

    Corporate governance for sustainability | Dr. Jeroen Veldman

    In our series of lunchseminars, academics from various fields of research will speak about interesting and relevant topics related to inclusive prosperity. This edition: Dr. Jeroen Veldman.

  • Wednesday, 29, Thursday 30, and Friday 31 Jan 2020 | Kick-off Conference 

    Kick-off Conference: The Roundabouts of Digital Governance

    On 28-30 January 2020 the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Digital Governance (DIGOV) celebrates its kick-off conference "The Roundabouts of Digital Governance" at Erasmus University Rotterdam.


  • Thursday, 19 Dec 2019 | Lunchseminar 

    Inclusive Proserity Lunchseminar

    How Much is Enough? The Freedom to Pursue a Sustainable Life | Dr. Constanze Binder

    In the last months of 2019, the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity initiative will host three lunch seminars. The lecture is combined with a free lunch. This edition: Dr. Constanze Binder. 

  • Thursday, 28 Nov 2019 | Lunchseminar 

    Inclusive Proserity Lunchseminar

    "Maria’s Paradox: Oil Extraction and the Misery of Missing Development Alternatives in the Ecuadorian Amazon." | Dr. Lorenzo Pellegrini 

    In the last months of 2019, the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity initiative will host three lunch seminars. The lecture is combined with a free lunch. This edition: Dr. Lorenzo Pellegrini.

  • Thursday, 7 Nov 2019 | Lunchseminar 

    Monthly Inclusive Prosperity Lunchseminar

    The Dynamics of Inclusive Finance in the Netherlands in the 20th Century | Prof. Oscar Gelderblom

    In the last months of 2019, the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity initiative will host three lunch seminars. The lecture is combined with a free lunch. Our first speaker will be economic historian; Professor Oscar Gelderblom.

  • Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019 | Film and Panel Discussion

    Film: Merchants of Doubt

    A film and panel discussion on pundits-for-hire who present themselves as scientific authorities as they speak about topics like toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and climate change.

  • Friday, 11 Oct 2019 | Conference - Hosted at Plenary Meeting Room of the Dutch Senate in The Hague

    The Quest for Controlled Freedom

    Discretion is an ambiguous concept. Palgrave just published an interdisciplinary collection of essays dedicated to this subject matter, edited by Tony Evans and Peter Hupe. They have taken this publication as an opportunity to organize a one-day conference on the topic of discretion.

    Cover of Quest for Controlled Freedom
  • Thursday, 19 Sept 2019 | Lecture and Film 

    John de Graaf: Author, Filmmaker, Speaker and Activist

    The Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative has invited John de Graaf, author, filmmaker, speaker and activist to give a lecture and show a section of one of his award winning films.

  • Tuesday, 17 Sept 2019 | Seminar - Hosted at Gent University

    Environmental Crime and Power

    This seminar will cover the power of state agencies in both regulating and facilitating environmental crime, the role of corporations in causing and preventing environmental crime, the connection between environmental and organized crime, but also the involvement of non-governmental organizations in preventing and controlling environmental crime.

  • Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019 | International Conference

    International Conference on Day Fines

    In this conference, experts in criminal law and criminology from different European countries discussed the unique system of criminal fines which systematically depend not only on the severity of the offense, but also on the wealth of the offender.

  • Thursday, 6 Jun 2019 | Workshop

    The Science and Politics of Glyphosate

    This workshop brought together academics, scientists and policymakers to explore the controversial case of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup® and other commercial broad-spectrum herbicides.

  • Thursday, 25 April & Friday 26 April 2019 | Private Workshop

    The Governance of Emerging Disruptive Technologies

    A special issue of the "Regulation and Governance" journal on the "Governance of Emerging Disruptive Technologies" brought the authors together for a private two-day workshop at the Erasmus University. 

  • Thursday, 28 Mar 2019 | Working Conference

    Facing Grand Challenges Together

    The working conference "Facing Grand Challenges Together" attracted academics, strategic advisors, politicians, activists, journalists and social workers to discuss local responses to forced displacement.

  • Thursday, 14 Mar 2019 | Scientific Side Event

    Scientific Event: Geuzenpenning Granted to Padre Solalinde

    Padre Solalinde Guerra has received this years Geuzenpenning for his support to migrants on dangerous journeys. On 14 March an academic event has been organized in honor of his work. 


  • Monday, 3 Dec 2018 | Expert Meeting

    Blockchain: A Matter of Trust?

    The expert meeting will gather experts with technical knowledge of blockchain, lawyers and academics with legal knowledge and policy experts working for the government.

    Blockchain Network
  • Monday, 3 Dec 2018 | Mini Conference

    Corporate Foundations in a Globalised World

    Although corporate foundations gain territory and attention in practice, very little specific research has been done on this particular topic

    Career advice
    Photo by Brandon Erlinger-Ford on Unsplash
  • Thursday, 15 November 2018 | Roundtable

    Working conference on visualizations & law

    During two days, we will discuss general themes related to visualizations and law: the role of visualizations in law, how visuals actually work in the legal system and how they affect the people involved.

    How do visuals work in the legal system? Image courtesy of IKEA.
    Image courtesy of IKEA

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