(Re)mapping Rotterdam

An alternative city map of Rotterdam
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How is the field of diversity and inclusion actors in Rotterdam configured today? The main goal of this research programme is to take stock of organizations working on diversity and inclusion in Rotterdam, capture the links between these organizations, and analyze the dynamics of their interactions and relationships.  

How do we study?

Local policy-making on diversity and inclusion has significantly changed over the past years. Traditional forms of governmental steering have been complemented with more collaborative policymaking. At the same time, conceptions of societal difference have evolved. New terms have emerged and multiple dimensions of diversity and their interplay are increasingly considered. 

This project explores the manifestations of these shifts in the configuration of the local landscape of civil society actors. Methodologically, an integrated mixed methods social network analysis design enables the visualization of different kind of relations as well as an in-depth interpretation informed by actors’ own perspectives.  

How does our research make an impact?

The project contributes to theory-building on diversity and inclusion, (urban) governance, urban social movements and the urban civic sphere, but also to policymaking and civil society practices. How can diversity and inclusion work be better delineated? How can (new) collaboration on these topics (among civil society organizations, between civil society organizations and municipality, between civil society organizations and university researchers, and between municipality and university researchers) be stimulated? And how can the university (staff and students) play a role in this?  

The project does so by:

  • Creating an “Alternative city map of Rotterdam” on diversity and inclusion actors - making existing actors working on diversity and inclusion visible.  
  • Bringing civil society actors and researchers at the university in contact by way of Diversity and Inclusion city tours – to build contacts and connections that allow for potential future collaborations.  

  • Involving Master students in the project through their thesis and recruiting current students and recent graduates as research assistants.

This project is part of the sub-theme Inclusive Cities and Diversity, within the Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and Citizens (VCC). 


Networking Tours

What happens when organizations and researchers working on diversity and inclusion in Rotterdam come together? What kind of collaborations would both parties find meaningful and productive? These questions drive Vital Cities and Citizens’ networking tours with diversity and inclusion civil actors in Rotterdam. The second edition of the networking tour took place on June 3 2022 and the third edition on March 31 2023. 

Read about the events:

"In search of meaningful collaborations for an inclusive Rotterdam - Networking Tour 2022"

"Exploring collaborations between academia and local civil society - Networking Tour 2023"


Networking Tour 2022

Networking Tour 2022

People talking in a meeting room
People talking in a meeting room

Networking Tour 2023

VCC Networking Tour with Diversity & Inclusion Actors

Research team

Dr. Maria Schiller - project leader

Dr. Isabel Awad - project leader

Dayna Lee Stewart - project manager

Nena Ackerl - research assistant

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