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Liesbeth Enneking is Professor Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Erasmus School of Law (Erasmus University, Rotterdam). She obtained her doctorate in 2012 for a PhD on the role of civil litigation in promoting corporate accountability for human rights and environmental violations by internationally operating business enterprises. Over the past twelve years, she has published widely on legal and policy developments relating to responsible business conduct in global value chains, both nationally and internationally.

In her capacity as legal expert, Enneking has been actively involved in legal and socio-political debates on corporate social responsibility, fair trade, business & human rights, and sustainable development. She frequently gives presentations at seminars and conferences in the Netherlands and abroad, and is regularly consulted on legal and policy issues within her field of expertise. She has taken part in a variety of (multidisciplinary) research projects, the majority of which have been externally funded by organisations such as the European Commission, the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Security & Justice, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the AXA Research Fund.

Enneking worked as a postdoc, assistant professor and associate professor at the Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law (UCALL) between 2013 and 2017. During the 2015-2016 academic year, she held a rotating professorship position at the University of Leuven’s Department of Law, a position funded by the Belgian/Dutch Tijdschrift voor Privaatrecht (TPR). She holds ancillary positions as a member of the independent Monitoring Committee for the Dutch Insurance Sector's Agreement on International Responsible Business Conduct (since 2018) and as an Independent Member of the Dutch National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines (since 2021).  She is also a member of an Expert Committee for Universities of the Netherlands focusing on responsible and sustainable investment by the universities' pension fund ABP (since 2022). 

Erasmus School of Law

Full professor | Civil Law
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Liesbeth Enneking (11 december 2018) - Hoe worden we in 2019 wel duurzaam?
  • Liesbeth Enneking (14 juni 2018) - The Dutch Child Labour Due Diligence Bill
  • T Linden & Liesbeth Enneking (10 oktober 2017) - SLAPP-suit tegen Greenpeace
  • Liesbeth Enneking (29 juni 2017) - Nigeriaanse weduwes beginnen rechtszaak tegen Shell

  • Liesbeth Enneking (2021) - Investor liability for irresponsible business conduct in global value chains?
  • Liesbeth Enneking (2021) - Corporate social responsibility in the Netherlands: Towards mandatory human rights due diligence legislation
  • Liesbeth Enneking, Sylvie Cecile Cavaleri & Karsten Engsig Sorensen (2021) - Vicarious liability for group torts
  • Liesbeth Enneking (2021) - Van verantwoordelijkheid naar verplichting: over verschuivende grenzen van internationaal maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen
  • Liesbeth Enneking (2021) - Uitbuiting, uitputting en vervuiling: wie is verantwoordelijk?
  • Liesbeth Enneking (2019) - Mandatory human rights due diligence
  • Liesbeth Enneking (2019) - Feedback on Liability Models in the National Context
  • Liesbeth Enneking, Heleen Tiemersma, CC van Dam, Martijn Scheltema & RJM van Tulder (2019) - Erasmus Research Platform for Sustainable Business & Human Rights
  • Liesbeth Enneking (2019) - External Review Committee of the IRBC Agreement on International Responsible Business Covenant for the Dutch Insurance (External organisation)
  • Liesbeth Enneking (2018) - Between entrepreneurial freedom and responsible business conduct - The role of domestic courts in the enforcement of corporate social responsibility in global value chains


Start date approval
juli 2022
End date approval
juli 2024
Lid Monitoringscie IMVO-Convenant Verzekeringssec

Universiteiten van Nederland

Start date approval
juli 2022
End date approval
juli 2025
Adviescommissie Duurzaam Beleggen ABP

Property Law in Action

Year Level
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Master thesis Commercial and Company Law

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Onafhankelijk Lid Commissie Duurzaam Beleggen ABP

Start date approval
april 2022
End date approval
maart 2025

Independent Member Netherlands NCP OECD Guidelines

Start date approval
december 2021
End date approval
november 2025

Member of Monitoring Committee IRBC Agreement Dutch Insurance Sector

Start date approval
juni 2018
End date approval
juni 2024

News regarding prof.dr. (Liesbeth) LFH Enneking

Versterking profiel duurzaamheid Erasmus School of Law: Liesbeth Enneking herbenoemd tot hoogleraar Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Liesbeth Enneking is per 1 juni 2022 herbenoemd tot hoogleraar Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability aan Erasmus School of Law.
Liesbeth Enneking

De Jonge Meesters bundel 2021: Publiek privaatrecht

De bundel Publiek Privaatrecht met daarin scripties van masterstudenten Privaatrecht en Aansprakelijkheid & Verzekering is verschenen.
Groepsfoto van 10 masterstudenten van Erasmus School of Law

Liesbeth Enneking benoemd tot lid van het Nationaal Contactpunt OESO-richtlijnen

Per 1 december 2021 is Liesbeth Enneking voor vier jaar aangesteld als onafhankelijk lid van het Nederlandse Nationaal Contactpunt OESO-richtlijnen.
Foto van Liesbeth Enneking

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