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Buiten de hiervoor genoemde executive programs en masterclasses verzorgt Impact Centre Erasmus ook andere vormen van onderwijs. Teamleden van Impact Centre Erasmus faciliteren in-house trainingen, geven gastcolleges (bijvoorbeeld bij: Open Universiteit, Nyenrode en VU) en bieden workshops aan in binnen- en buitenland.

Hieronder ziet u enkele actuele onderwijsprogramma's waar u zich voor op kunt geven. 

Minor: New Economic Thinking & Social Entrepreneurship

The aim of this course is to explore new economic futures by critically engaging with innovative entrepreneurs and following academic debates of socio- economic transitions. Even though more and more companies acknowledge their responsibility to contribute to global issues like climate change, poverty and resource scarcity, they often struggle to develop alternative business models and value propositions that help to guide and accelerate transitions to a sustainable economy and society. Hence, in this minor, we focus on understanding transitions and the role traditional and transformative businesses can play in these long term change processes of economies, sectors and societies.

Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) Master: Economics of Sustainability

September 2024 - May 2025

Within the Erasmus School of Economics, the new master's specialization 'Economics of Sustainability' has been developed under the leadership of Prof Elbert Dijkgraaf and Dr Jilde Garst. The master runs in one academic year from September to May and concludes with a seminar. To bridge the gap between science and practice, in addition to theory, students work on an impact case study, a case from practice with an actual client. The impact case development and coordination of the master 'Economics of Sustainability' is provided by researchers of Impact Centre Erasmus. 

Master course: Assessing the impact of Culture and Creativity in Society

The present course entails a scientifically-grounded approach to impact assessment, with a focus on arts, culture, and creativity. In line with the new Strategy 2024 of the Erasmus University (‘Creating Positive Societal Impact’), the course provides students with the knowledge, skills, tools and experience for conducting a social impact assessment in the cultural sector, in close collaboration with cultural organisations and with the involvement of experts.

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