Brand alliance Rotterdam

Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam Authority and Rotterdam Partners are joining hands to put Rotterdam more clearly on the map, both at home and abroad. The four parties present a unified profile with the shared motto ‘Make it Happen’. The motto reflects the typical Rotterdam mentality and shows what the city, port and inhabitants stand for: pioneering, groundbreaking and no-nonsense.

Rotterdam: Make It Happen

We are collaborating to attract and retain the highly educated, businesses, trade, visitors and citizens. Together, the university, port and city can tackle the challenges of a rapidly changing society and competitive economy. 

Ahmed Aboutaleb (mayor of Rotterdam) says: “As a groundbreaking world city, we aim to continue to expand on Rotterdam’s appeal, also internationally. If the university, port and city collaborate like this, we have greater leverage and we can show Rotterdam as a whole.”

Shared motto: ‘Make it Happen’

It is unique that four leading Rotterdam groups are reinforcing the Rotterdam ‘brand’ in such an unequivocal way. This collaboration and the motto did not come out of nowhere, however. Just take SmartPort, for example, a project in which Erasmus University and the PoR work together on smart solutions, or one of the other ‘KennisWerkPlaatsen’ (knowledge centres). In addition, Erasmus University College is the result of collaboration between the city and university.

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