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Impressie MFOII

Erasmus University Rotterdam awarded the contract for the design, development and construction of its sustainable multipurpose educational building (MFO II) to a consortium made up of BAM Bouw en Techniek - Projects, Paul de Ruiter Architects, Halmos Adviseurs and LBP|SIGHT. Additionally, BAM Advies & Engineering is responsible for structural design and abcnova for the process and contract management on behalf of Erasmus University. PHI Factory supported us in translating our sustainability ambitions into practical project solutions.

  • BAM Bouw en Techniek

    BAM Bouw en Techniek is truly at home in the world of its clients. We think and act integrally, professionally and with a total focus on our buildings’ users – providing flexible solutions in terms of function, space and usage. What’s more, we make sure our buildings and their systems are ready for tomorrow’s changing roles and technologies. Our clients ask more of us than just construct a building or install its systems – they rely on us to take care of everything from A through to Z. As a Royal BAM Group subsidiary, we offer a full range of services from planning and construction to long-term management and maintenance. We’re your partner for your building’s entire lifecycle.

    Website (Dutch only)

  • Paul de Ruiter Architects

    Paul de Ruiter Architects leads the field in sustainable architecture in the Netherlands with its sustainability-certified, energy-neutral buildings. Our architecture ‘provides’ energy – in both a technical sense and a human sense. Less tangible factors such as health and productivity play as equally important a role as more tangible parameters do, for example optimal light ingress – together they form the basis for smart, sustainable buildings. This approach allows us to design buildings with a pleasant indoor climate in which inspiration and connection take centre stage. Our portfolio covers residential and non-residential construction projects, including hotels, offices, schools, public buildings, laboratories, theatres and infrastructure works.


  • Halmos Adviseurs

    Halmos is an independent consultancy firm, specialising in building-related technical facilities and systems. First, we weigh up factors such as sustainability, energy efficiency and user-friendliness within the confines of our clients’ budget. Next, we advise them about the options available for technical systems, energy-saving concepts, and sustainable management and maintenance. Our portfolio covers residential and non-residential construction projects, including hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, public buildings, laboratories and leisure facilities. We also provide consultancy for new development, renovations and listed buildings.

    Website (Dutch only)


    LBP|SIGHT is a consultancy & engineering firm, specialising in construction, spatial planning and the environment. We provide smart, practical solutions. Our consultants and engineers advise a wide range of clients across an equally broad spectrum of disciplines. They provide their skills and expertise as part of a project’s development, construction and management phases.


  • abcnova

    abcnova is an all-round consultancy firm, specialising in spatial planning projects and their related processes. Our consultants and project managers work closely with clients on a daily basis to find the best, future-proof solutions for living, working and learning environments.

    We clarify our clients’ goals and make sure they’re feasible, laying the groundwork for partnerships with other parties. What’s more, we then challenge all parties involved to collaborate and contribute towards our clients’ goals to the fullest extent possible.


  • PHI Factory

    PHI Factory is a passionate and driven consultancy, supporting organizations in translating sustainable and circular ambitions into practical projects and solutions. The agency has extensive experience in the field of socially responsible procurement, circular building and sustainable facility management. PHI Factory approaches the issues integrally, brings innovation into the chain through circular coalitions and makes the impact and effect of the solutions measurable. With substantive expertise and a contagious enthusiasm, the consultants bring what is needed to realize the ambition.


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