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We distinguish two types of tuition fees for students. On this page we explain the differences between the two types:

  1. The statutory fee
  2. The institutional fee

Please note: students who follow a pre-master do not pay a tuition fee: they pay a pre-master fee. The information below doesn’t apply to pre-master students.

  1. The statutory fee

The statutory fee is a fixed amount by the government. You pay the statutory tuition fee if you are enrolled as a student for a public funded program and meet the following two requirements:

  • First degree requirement: You have, since 31 August 1991, not been awarded a degree in Dutch higher education that is equivalent of your current programme of study . In case you have an uninterrupted registration for a second (or more) programme before finishing your first programme, you pay the statutory fee for the second (or more) programme after you have finished the first programme as long as your registration for this programme is uninterrupted. In addition, an exception applies here for programmes in the field of Healthcare and Education. After you have obtained a non-healthcare or non-education degree, you are permitted to obtain one more degree in healthcare or one more degree in education. Consult the CROHO register for more information.
  • Nationality requirement: You have an EEA/EU, Swiss or Surinamese nationality or you meet the other requirements mentioned in article 7.45a, paragraph 1(b) of the WHW. Is you want to check whether you fulfill the requirements with regards to the nationality, please visit the DUO website about student finance.
  1. Institutional fee

Students who do not meet the requirements for the statutory fee, pay the institutional fee. The amount of institutional fee differs per program, and there may also be a difference between EEA and non-EEA student. The institutional rates are determined annually by the EUR. It may not be lower than the statutory rate (see for more information Article 7.46 of the Higher Education and Scientific Research Act). If the institutional tuition fees are adjusted, the Executive Board will seek advice from the University Council prior to the new academic year.

Explanation of the institutional fee for a second Bachelor's or Master's degree program

For a second bachelor's or master's program, you pay (in general) the institutional fee. In the government funding for initial studies, a distinction is made between different programs: alpha and gamma programs are funded lower than beta and health programs. There are also differences between the funding of bachelor’s and master’s. These differences in funding are generally reflected in the level of institutional tuition fees for second studies.

Changes in tuition fees

If, after completing your enrollment, you receive a notification from Studielink that you have pay the statutory tuition fee, it is possible that you actually should pay the institutional fee after a check of the Erasmus University.  This is usually the result of the processing time of obtained diplomas in Studielink. It can take six weeks or longer before the EUR is informed of a change in your obtained degrees. After the EUR has changed the tuition fee on the basis of renewed information in Studielink, you will be informed of this via Studielink.

More information

You can find more information about the tuition fees in the ‘Regulation on institutional fees, statutory tuition fees for part-time programmes, increased statutory tuition fees for programmes with small scale and intensive education and pre-master tuition fees’.

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