Tuition fee 2024-2025

Statutory tuition fee

The statutory tuition fee for 2024-2025 is € 2.530,-. To be eligible for the statutory tuition fee, you must fulfil two conditions:

  1. You have an EEA, Swiss or Surinamese nationality. To find out if you meet the nationality requirement, you can use the DUO website. In addition to this requirement, you must also meet the following:
  2. You did not obtain an equivalent degree at a Dutch university or at a Dutch university of applied sciences after 31 August 1991. An exception applies to students who are going to study in the field of healthcare or education for the first time. After you have already obtained another degree, you may obtain one more degree in healthcare or one more degree in education. For more information, please contact the ESSC.

With the exception of the bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (EUC). An increased statutory rate of €5,100,- applies for this.

Institutional fee

If you do not meet both conditions, you pay the institutional fee. These fees vary per programme and per person. Below are listed all the EUR's institutional fees; for non-EEA students and for EEA students who will be following a second bachelor's or master's degree.

In the overview below, you will find the institutional fees bachelor 2024-2025.

Philosophy parttime – equal to statutory fee €2.530€2.530
Philosophy of a specific discipline – equal to statutory fee€2.530€2.530

International Bachelor Communication and Media






RSM                                                                                                  €7.400€11.600


Medicine (in Dutch)


Nanobiology (Joint Degree with TU Delft)                                     

Clinical Technology
(only in Dutch; Joint Degree with TU Delft
and Universiteit Leiden)

See for more information on the tuitions fees from the TU Delft (joint degrees):

In the overview below, you will find the institutional fees master 2024-2025.


Joint research master Public Administration
and Organizational Science (with UvT and UU)                             

Research master Philosophy€4.600€9.000
Philosophy parttime: equal to statutory fee€2.530€2.530
Masters parttime (50%)€6.600€9.400
Joint degree European master in
Health Economics and Management

International Master’s in Advanced
Research in Criminology 




Joint research master Mphil in Economics
(Tinbergen, with UvA and VU)*


Joint research master Mphil in Business
Data Science (Tinbergen, with UvA and VU)*                           


* students pay the statutory fee when: (1) they finished a master's programme at EUR, VU or UvA, and (2) start the Tinbergen master's programme as a second master directly after finishing the first one, and (3) if they paid statutoty fee for their first master's programme.                                           


RSM                                                                                                            €13.200€22.500


Medicine (only in Dutch)


Research Master                                                                                  


(Joint Degree with TU Delft)

Technical Medicine
(Joint Degree with TU Delft and Universiteit Leiden)



See for more information on the tuitions fees from the TU Delft (joint degrees):

More information about tuition fees

More information about the tuition fees can be found in the Regulation on enrolment and tuition fees. You can also check our page Explanation tuition fees, for information about how tuition fees are determined and which exceptions apply.

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