As student psychologists, we are heavily involved in treating mental problems in students, but we too believe that prevention is better than treatment! 

Your college years are an exciting time characterized by a myriad of changes and new responsibilities. Think academic pressures, managing your social obligations, expectations of yourself and others, financial matters and self-care. Try balancing that! 

It's not unusual to feel overwhelmed at times and this is where we come in. Through this project, we try to provide you with tips and advice to build resilience, develop self-awareness, build healthy relationships, and take good care of yourself.

Sticky Thoughts

With this project we try to get mutual conversations about difficult topics going.


EUR Unfiltered podcast

In our podcast series we discuss different themes and share useful tips and advice


Overview of help available within the EUR

Sometimes prevention is not enough, and you may feel you need more help. Not sure where to turn? Student Wellbeing has a helpful tool to get you started! Would you rather make an appointment directly with one of the student psychologists? You can do so immediately.

See the trainings and workshops offered by us.

Brain Food

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Stress Management

This mini workshop is designed for anyone looking to reduce and manage stress in their life.

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Fear and Coping

This mini workshop is designed for students at all levels who want to overcome their fears.

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StuNed scholarship program
Expectation Management

Expectations are an integral part of our lives, influencing our emotions, decisions, and more.

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2 people sitting at a table with a laptop, smartphone and coffee
Navigating Loneliness

This mini-workshop gives students advice on how to navigate the challenges of loneliness.

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    Ms. S. (Sara) Borrelli (she, her)


    Woudestein: Mon and Tue

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    Ms. A. (Alexandra) Serry MSc (she, her)

    Woudestein: Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu

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