Meeting the Future Society themes


Global Social Challenges

The first pillar is Global Social ChallengesGlobal Social Challenges arise from worldwide phenomena such as urbanisation, migration, digitalisation and climate change.

Both our research and education are increasingly focused on these themes, which offer both threats and opportunities for our society's future.

Academic director: professor Darren McCauley

Vital Cities and Citizens

In the second pillar, we aim to prevent large social inequalities, exclusion, and segregation in our cities with their increasingly complex social structures and diverse makeup. Instead, we help build Vital Cities in which Citizens can achieve their life goals through education, useful work, and participation in public life. Vital Cities and Citizens is also one of the Erasmus Initiatives.

Academic director: professor Jurian Edelenbos

Behavioural Change

In the third pillar we help governments in changing people's behaviour, nudging them to adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Thanks to our behavioural and public governance knowledge, we know how to implement smart interventions steering people in the right direction.

Academic director: professor Semiha Denktas


Organisational Dynamics in a Digital Society

In the last pillar you will find us studying important processes of work and organisation, with a special interest in new forms stemming from technological developments, and how these impact individuals, both at work and at home.

Academic director: professor Claartje ter Hoeven

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