Anti-discrimination policy

Priscilla due Preez

What are we researching?

What patterns of discrimination and racism exist? How can we explain these patterns? And how can we use this knowledge to contribute to anti-discrimination and anti-racism policies? Our research team is looking for answers to these questions.

Why are we doing this research and how?

In the research we do, the following goals and methods are central:

  • Understanding (quantitatively and qualitatively) patterns of discrimination and racism at the local level (e.g. we developed a discrimination index for the city of Rotterdam)
  • Understanding (qualitative) patterns of discrimination and racism through in-depth studies in neighbourhoods and districts
  • Understanding (quantitative and qualitative) of approaches against racism and discrimination through in-depth studies of specific local programmes or interventions

How does our research make an impact?

We want to contribute to society through our research. We do this by cooperating with other organisations. For example, we work closely together with the municipality of Rotterdam within the framework of the Rotterdam Against Racism programme. In addition, we work together with the Rotterdam Anti-Discrimination Agency RADAR to optimally embed research in the streets and neighbourhoods of the city. We also actively involve students and residents in our research.

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