Governance of the preservation and enhancement of natural resources


What are we researching?

Nature is under severe pressure. Biodiversity is declining, our natural energy sources are running out, and our production methods are no longer sustainable. Our research tries to find out how we can counteract or reverse these negative trends.

Why are we doing this research?

Climate change and biodiversity loss are the most significant threats of our time. There are now all kinds of technical and biological alternatives, such as nature-inclusive farming, circular entrepreneurship, and sustainable energy sources. Yet, these options are still the exception rather than the norm.

How are we doing this research?

To understand this, we use design research methods and conventional research methods. These methods allow us to unlock latent information. In addition, they offer tools to approach both the problems and the solution space in a creative manner. This enables us to formulate new problem definitions and hopefully innovative solution directions.

How does our research make an impact?

With our research, we try to make a concrete impact by looking for biodiversity-enhancing measures in the Alblasserwaard, designing governance arrangements for water conservation in Pijnacker-West and helping bulb growers find information for a toxin-free operation.

We are also helping the municipalities of Barendrecht, Albrandswaard and Ridderkerk to understand the behaviour of their residents. In particular, we look at why sustainability has more or less influence. We also try to find out how we can motivate residents to make more sustainable choices in energy use, food, circularity and transport.

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