Why this Study programme

Clinical Psychology

Why study this master's programme?

  • This is an intensive programme with an emphasis on applied psychology based on scientific evidence. 
  • It is oriented toward problem-solving, and you work in small groups to solve clinical psychological issues.
  • The programme offers a strong emphasis and first-rate preparation for a career in the mental health field, (higher) education, or (scientific) research.
  • The programme is taught in English.
An important question in my work is how insights from research can be applied in daily clinical practice, and how this knowledge can help us – both society and patients– to understand, prevent and treat psychopathological problems.

What is this master's track about?

This master's track focuses on adult psychopathology. This field within psychology is studied from a scientific point of view. In this programme, we examine in particular the more complex varieties of psychopathology within an urban context. As we are located in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, this urban environment is often our field laboratory for our research and findings. In this context, complex psychopathological problems, like personality disorders and addictions often occur.

Complex psychopathological problems.

Personality disorders and addictions.

Within each (theoretical) course of this master's programme, we will discuss the methods of research that are used within the clinical scientific field to study abnormal behaviour, its etiology and treatments. This theoretical and methodological knowledge will be discussed in a unique active learning environment. In addition, a track of practical skills training is part of the programme. There are two options within this practical skills training (please note that you can only choose one):

1: Practical research skills training.
You will learn to tackle questions regarding brain functioning and cognitive emotional processes. In these practical groups, there will be lab training and assignments, and you will work together with students from the high-quality master track “Brain & Cognition”.

2: Clinical skills training.
You will learn basic therapeutic skills in the domains of couple therapy and behavioural-cognitive assessment and treatment techniques. 


NB: We cannot guarantee the clinical skills training track to be sufficient to apply for post-academic programmes for registered clinicians in the Netherlands or your country of origin.

I found the master's track Clinical Psychology an enriching experience, as it allowed me to explore topics at the interface between Psychology and Neuroscience, such as addiction, which I find fascinating.
A huge draw to EUR is the large international community, and the Clinical Psychology master's track provided many platforms to meet and interact with other students from diverse backgrounds.
Do you also like to learn more about addiction, personality disorders, several treatments and working as a clinical psychologist? Then I would really recommend joining the Master in Clinical Psychology!
Moreover, most professors and tutors have backgrounds as therapists, which brought such valuable perspectives to the classroom that couldn't be obtained from books.

Why study a master in Rotterdam?

  • This is an intensive programme with an emphasis on applied psychology based on scientific evidence;
  • You will work in small groups to solve problems you can encounter in the field;
  • The programme is an excellent preparation for a career in the mental health field, (higher) education, or (scientific) research.

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