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Educational Psychology: Learning and Performance

Do you wish to improve your comprehension of human learning and performance? We offer you one of the best master programmes in Psychology in the Netherlands.

Have you ever wondered how people learn, how a child can be taught to read, a pilot to fly an aircraft? Would you like to learn how you can compose the best-performing team, or select the right people for a job? Are you curious to find out how mobile devices can be used in education and training? Do you want to know how emotions and actions can affect learning? If one of the answers to these questions is yes, our master degree programme might be perfect for you!

The MSc in Psychology is a one-year graduate programme designed to equip students with the analytical skills and conceptual knowledge to be able to work independently and in collaboration in the field of their desired specialisation. The programme deals with recent developments in the research field of Human Learning and Performance and uses the most advanced research methods.

Why study this programme in Rotterdam?

This is an intensive programme that emphasizes the use of multi-disciplinary research findings to solve authentic psychological problems. 

  • You will work in small groups to solve problems you can encounter in the field;
  • You will work on current societal issues together with experts using real-life cases;
  • You will have ample opportunity to gain professional experience studying, working, or conducting research at the university and/or an external organisation;
  • The programme offers an excellent preparation for a career in education, research, or business.
Erasmus University Medical Center
How can scientific knowledge about learning and performance be used in the design of education and training?

What is this master track about?

The master track offers a multidisciplinary approach using scientific insights from educational, cognitive, social and neuropsychology to study contemporary issues in the area of learning and performance. You will discover how people learn and perform optimally, and which mechanisms are involved in the learning process. These insights are valuable as they can help to improve learning environments and current training and teaching approaches.

You will use problem-based learning techniques. In small groups you learn about the role of innovations, assessment, and diversity in education and training. You will also have ample opportunity to develop your professional skills as an educational psychologist.

In the programme we examine how the learning process can be supported. How the computer and the Internet can be applied to education and training in order to enhance their effectiveness. What someone needs to do to become an expert in a certain area and which things should be avoided. How tests and assessments can be used as tools to stimulate learning. What role individual differences play in the learning process?

This master track will teach you how to be critical and question everything, with a focus on education and learning of course.
I also like the fact that the coordinators and teachers are really involved with their students. They create informal settings in which you can ask all the questions you're curious about.
If you have studied psychology with an interest in learning, educational sciences or pedagogy this is a great master to further your knowledge and skills
From this master I have learned to look at the process of learning from a different perspective.

This master track is focussed on the application of multidisciplinary scientific insights, among others from the fields of educational, cognitive, social and neuropsychology.

Master Psychology - Human Learning and Performance - Erasmus University Rotterdam

Why study this master track?

  • In this intensive programme you will learn to solve authentic psychological problems using multi-disciplinary research findings;
  • You will work in small groups to solve problems you can encounter in the field;
  • You will have ample opportunity to gain professional experience studying, working, or conducting research at the university and/or an external organisation;
  • The programme offers an excellent preparation for a career in education, research, or business

Why study in Rotterdam?

Welcome to the highly-ranked Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), a research university located in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. EUR offers 13 selective bachelors, and more than 50 top master programmes, taught in English.

Erasmus University traces its origins back to 1913 as an institute known for its leading economists.  Since then, the university has become internationally recognised for its distinct social orientation in education and research. Our 30.000+ students come from more than 120 countries around the world.

Erasmus University Rotterdam. Make it happen.


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