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Psychology of the Digital Media (online master)

In this online specialization you will study something that has profoundly changed our society: the digital media. You will learn how the digital media impact our personal and professional lives in a number of domains. Some of the questions you will address are:

  • How can we optimize our use of the digital media in our work environment? 
  • How do we distinguish fact from fiction when we read or watch the news?
  • How can we best design online learning environments?


Psychology of the Digital Media - fake news


Some of the skills you will acquire are experience sampling, text mining, and learning analytics.

This track prepares you for a position in industry, consultancy, and research. You will acquire knowledge and skills that are in high demand in our current society. The track is interdisciplinary as it combines insights from industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, and educational psychology.


Digital Media
The digital media have fundamentally transformed our world. This leads to an important and fascinating question: what is their impact on the human mind and on behavior?
This master fulfilled my expectations to the most extent.
With the knowledge I gained during the study, I am convinced that I can optimize people’s wellbeing during this demanding digital era.


Why study this online EUR master programme?

  • This is an intensive, full-time programme.
  • The master has specifically been designed for online education, and its curriculum matches with the online method.
  • Problem-solving and working in small groups are key elements in this programme.
  • Part of your output in this programme will be blog posts and/or vlogs, so you can build a portfolio.
  • Throughout the programme, we have experienced that the different backgrounds of our diverse student population have enriched the discourse of the programme.
  • This first-rate programme offers a thorough preparation for a career in education, business or research through its unique combination of theory and practical applications.
  • Our lecturers are researchers at the same time and do actual research on the same topics that are being discussed in the master programme.


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