Why this programme

Psychology of the Digital Media (online master)

What does this study entail?

In this online specialization you will study something that has profoundly changed our society: the digital media. You will learn how the digital media impact our personal and professional lives in a number of domains. Some of the questions you will address are:

  • How can we optimize our use of the digital media in our work environment? 
  • How do we distinguish fact from fiction when we read or watch the news?
  • How can we best design online learning environments?

Is this the right programme for you?

Some of the skills you will acquire are experience sampling, text mining, and learning analytics.

This track prepares you for a position in industry, consultancy, and research. You will acquire knowledge and skills that are in high demand in our current society. The track is interdisciplinary as it combines insights from industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, and educational psychology.

Our students

This online programme is the best choice for students who are interested in a scientific approach to how digital media affect our daily life. Students with a bachelor degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, or Educational Psychology might be particularly interested in this programme, but the programme is suitable for students from all areas of psychology. (Inter)national students who are physically or financially unable to come to campus, or who don’t want to come to campus because of the travel distance, are now able to join this MSc as well. 

Working professionals or life-long learners who want to grow within their organisation and wish to develop their knowledge and (academic) skills can benefit from the programme too.

Psychology of the Digital Media - fake news
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Prof. dr. Rolf Zwaan

Prof. dr. Rolf Zwaan - Coordinator of the programme

The digital media have fundamentally transformed our world. This leads to an important and fascinating question: what is their impact on the human mind and on behavior?
The digital media have fundamentally transformed our world. This leads to an important and fascinating question: what is their impact on the human mind and on behavior?

I am very excited that we are able to study this question in our new master programme. What makes me even more excited are the innovative research methods and techniques that are part of the curriculum. And if this is not already exciting enough, the programme also involves innovative teaching methods, such as the use of online assessments and the creation of vlogs and blogs. I cannot wait to start.

Danielle Ernstsen

Danielle Ernsten - Alumna Psychology of the Digital Media

This master fulfilled my expectations to the most extent.
This master fulfilled my expectations to the most extent.

I have always felt passionate about human behaviour- why we think the way we do, why we act like we do, why we make certain decisions… This is why, during my bachelor at Erasmus University College (EUC) I chose to follow the Psychology major. Alongside of my mandatory courses, I was free to choose additional courses that focused my interest in human behaviour on the digital media. The two combined is what made me realise that I needed and wanted to further understand how the media can influence our psychological decisions.

Unsurprisingly, I came across the master Psychology of the Digital Media. This master fulfilled my expectations to the most extent. It was such an inspiration that now I finally know what my first step is going to be in the development of my career.

In this master we were taught how the digital media is put into practice in Organisational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Educational Psychology. These three aspects offered the diversity that one expects to comprehend how the media can be used to our advantage, how it impacts our psychological wellbeing, how it impacts our cognitive processes and of course, how it impacts the way we learn.

I was used to writing academic papers at EUC or doing exams at the end of every course. In the PDM master, however, the examination assignments were much more practical and creative! Rather than an academic paper, we were asked to write an advisory report or a thorough case analysis for example. Of course, the assignments had to be academically backed up so don’t forget about your APA rules!

All in all, the courses in this master as well as the internship/thesis period gave me the focus that I needed to discover what I want to do. My thesis revolved around the use of videos for learning purposes. I now want to redirect my passion for videos to advertising purposes. Knowing how the media influences the mind, my goal is to work in a creative team where new concepts for video advertisements are made.

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