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Work & Organisational Psychology

How do organisations select the right person for the right job? How can jobs be designed in such a way that employees do their work with high engagement? Which strategies can individual employees use to optimise their own work experience in a proactive way? If these are the kind of questions you want to answer, our master specialisation might be perfect for you!

Why study a Master in Psychology in Rotterdam?

  • This is an intensive programme which emphasises psychology as it is practised. 
  • You will work in small groups to solve problems you can encounter in the field (i.e. problem-based learning approach);
  • This programme offers an excellent preparation for a career in education, business or research.
This programme emphasis positive organizational psychology, but also focuses on the role of job crafting, emotions and new methods of personnel selection in modern organisations. Think of webcam tests and computer games as selection items.
What I find especially exceptional about this organisational psychology master is that it does not only go into what can go wrong in companies, but mainly focusses on what you can do as an organisational psychologist to create a good working environment.
This master track starts with a thorough course on attitudes and how they relate to work. Furthermore, you follow two practically oriented courses on teams and personnel selection.
With an especially modern approach, this master offers a challenging and intriguing programme!

What is this master track about?

Organisations have a competitive advantage when their employees thrive. The emphasis in this specialisation is placed on positive organisational psychology. The main elements of this field include work engagement and organisational performance, team dynamics, diversity and leadership and the selection and socialisation of personnel. Furthermore, the role of emotions in modern organisations is examined. In addition, we look at new methods in personnel selection, for instance webcam tests and computer games. The research topics that are part of the programme include Job Demands-Resources theory, work engagement, job crafting, the work-family interface, group processes, and job performance.

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