Urban Diversity

  • prof. dr. Peter Scholten

    Governance of Migration and Diversity

    International comparative research on migration and diversity policy, including from a complexity lens and with a focus on multi-level governance.

  • dr. Maria Schiller

    Migration, policy and society

    Dynamics of local migration and diversity policy in Europe, with an eye on policy terminology and logic, policy practices, municipal organisations and relations between different actors within the municipality and with civil society; Expertise on urban policy towards migration and diversity in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

  • dr. Mark van Ostaijen

    Migration, urban neighbourhoods, urban intermediaries, local politics and policymaking

    Urban ethnographic research into local best persons.International comparative research on urban politics of inclusion and exclusion.

  • dr. Asya Pisarevskaya

    Urban diversity, social inequalities and cohesion

    International comparative research on governance of society and migration-related diversity in relation to socio-economic inequalities in European cities.

  • Elina Jonitz

    Integration in small cities and urban areas

    PhD candidate on the WHOLE-COMM project.

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