Application Procedure

How to submit your complete application

Your application for admission to EUC starts in Studielink*, a centralised online application system for all Dutch universities. Before you start with your application, we highly recommend you to have the following documents digitally available, as you will have to include these in your application:

  • A copy of the personal details page of your passport
  • If you have not obtained your secondary school diploma yet: a copy of your overall grade list for last year AND a copy of the most recent grade list at the time of application AND a statement from your secondary school including the expected graduation date, the name of the diploma that you will obtain, and the exam subjects (your school may also fill out and sign a diploma statement)
  • If you have obtained your secondary school diploma: a copy of your diploma AND a copy of your final grade list
  • If applicable, the results of your English language proficiency test
  • Your answers to our motivation questions
  • Your curriculum vitae

*remember to select the correct starting year in Studielink (2019/2020)

Please note there are additional steps required for international students to live and study in the Netherlands. For more information, please consult the EUR Immigration page

After you have submitted your complete application 

Once you have filled in all required information and you have uploaded all necessary documents, your application is complete. From that moment, the Selection Committee will evaluate your application. We aim to inform you about the decision of the Selection Committee by 15 February if you have applied early and by 15 May if you have applied by the regular deadline. 

The decision of the Selection Committee can be one of four:

  • you are selected for EUC
  • you don't meet our requirements, but we are offering you the possibility to take extra tests to demonstrate that you do meet the requirements
  • the Selection Committee has denied you admission to EUC
  • you are on the waiting list

With a decision to select you for EUC you will receive an invitation for an interview. During that interview, in person or online, both you and EUC will have the opportunity to check if our mutual expectations meet.

After the interview, we will send you our enrolment offer. Please note that an enrolment offer is conditional until we have received and verified the copies of your secondary school diploma and final grade list. Of course it is up to you to accept our enrolment offer. When you do so, you will receive details on how to secure your room in our student housing and finalise your registration.