Frequently Asked Questions

    • Application for the academic year 2021-2022 will open on 1 October. We are currently evaluating our application procedure and our admission requirements. We aim to have all relevant information up-to-date by 1 September.

    • You can take one of four tests. On our admission requirements webpage, you will find more information about tests and required scores.

    • VWO applicants do not have to submit certified copies; their diploma and final grade list will be verified digitally.

      IB applicants that will obtain their IB diploma in the May 2021 session have to indicate through the IB candidate results website that they want to have their results sent to EUC.

      All other certified copies have to be sent to:

      Erasmus University Rotterdam
      Att. Admissions Office, L3-010
      Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
      3062 PA Rotterdam
      The Netherlands

    • No, there is no need for course registration in the first Quad. You will take three academic core courses which are mandatory. You select and register for your first elective at the end of the first Quad.


    • You will have around 15 contact hours per week during a Quad.

    • At the end of the first year you will have to declare your Major.

    • Credit transfer requests from students are not taken into consideration until they are a student at EUC. No guarantees are thus given before application.

      Exemptions from EUC skills courses usually have the most chance of being approved based on completed skills courses elsewhere. However, nothing specific can be said without evaluation of the course content during the request procedure.

      In the request procedure, we will check whether courses could be considered for EUC course exemptions (there should be enough overlap). If that is not the case, then courses could be considered for the 30EC that can be filled with off-campus courses (in that case there may not be significant overlap with EUC courses).