Liberal Arts and Sciences

Do you aspire to be well educated, versatile and intellectually agile? To move seamlessly between disciplines of scientific interest? To become a bridge builder between science and practice, as a global citizen? Then you should consider studying Liberal Arts and Sciences.

A Unique Blend of Liberal Arts & Sciences at EUC

A key component of Liberal Arts & Sciences is that it aims to impart a broad general knowledge and further the development of general intellectual capacities and academic skills. At the same time it allows for the opportunity to specialize in one particular field of study, termed a Major, with the possibility of supporting that with another field, termed a Minor. Another characteristic of the European model of Liberal Arts & Sciences, which is highly prominent at EUC, is the intense involvement of lecturers and tutors in the personal and academic development of our students. The education is also residential for all our first year students, who live and study together in our city centre campus.

The History of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Liberal Arts and Sciences traces back its origins to ancient Greece and was born from the notion that all individuals should attain a well-rounded education to be able to make a contribution in society. The concept subsequently caught fire and eventually became hugely popular in the USA, where it is now a predominant form of undergraduate studies. Many Liberal Arts and Sciences graduates have made a great contribution to society!

The Netherlands Leads Liberal Arts & Sciences in Europe

In Europe, the Netherlands is one of the leading countries for a Liberal Arts and Sciences education, having over 9 international ‘university colleges’ with an excellent reputation. The model in these colleges largely resembles that of the USA, however special emphasis is placed on a smaller number of students, often below 600 students. Erasmus University College (EUC) is no exception, most of our classes are carried out in groups of 10 to 12 students and we pride ourselves on our tight-knit academic community.

The University Colleges Dean Network published a statement on the role, shared characteristics, and cooperation of the seven Liberal Arts and Sciences Colleges in the Netherlands.

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Liberal Arts and Sciences