International Study

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International study isn't just a phrase here – it's at heart of everything we do

At Erasmus University College we're focused on exploring the whole world of knowledge. From the moment you step in, you'll find that our commitment to the global picture is everywhere you look.

Let's dive in and discover how EUC offers you an international study like no other.

International classroom

At EUC, international study isn't confined to textbooks. Your fellow students are your cultural companions, and the campus is your crossroads of traditions. Living among peers from over 100 different countries, you'll develop a mosaic of perspectives that enrich your understanding of the world.

International curriculum

Experience the world, not just read about it. Our innovative Liberal Arts & Sciences program blends theory with real-world challenges, all seen through an international lens. The program transcends the classroom, encouraging you to engage with global issues and develop creative solutions that know no borders.

International campus

Imagine studying in a city that's not just a backdrop, but a canvas for your adventures. Imagine living and learning in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, a tapestry of over 100 nationalities. EUC's city-center location integrates education with the urban fabric, offering opportunities to engage with local organizations and expand your horizons.

Ready to embark on an adventure that will reshape how you learn and live? The doors of Erasmus University College are open. It's time to embrace the unknown, rewrite the rules, and make the world your own. Your international study journey starts here!

If you are someone who wants to learn by doing, have the freedom of shaping your study choices throughout the degree, develop transferable skills that you can apply outside the university, and be part of the international community in the heart of Rotterdam- EUC is the right place for you!

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